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  1. It's also happening to me as well and it's effecting even monsters and drop loot i had to wait like 8 secs for the loot to appear so my pets would pick it up
  2. Try the PlayStation section? This is the Xbox section might be more helpful there for your platform needs
  3. Ok so i play as shai i noticed on the skill list it says it has 3 lvs i maxed everything in skill but when I use it says it's Summer Rain II and not the maxed out version even though i maxed that skill out , i was also wondering why shai has no talent skill addons it's just locked , also i found out 2 other skills only doing lv 2 version instead of 3 that is are Shout to the sky and time to shine
  4. Or instead of selling to the cm you make twice as much by making crates and then selling them to traders to make alot of money
  5. How bout try ps4 section instead of Xbox section probably get a response there
  6. How bout posting this in ps4 section of bugs this is Xbox please read before you post in Xbox section if it pertains to ps4!
  7. Events always makes things lower get use to it and instead of moaning bout it save it till after the event is over it will go up in price again so you can make your money
  8. Same with me but i was trying to login it's effecting everyone who hasn't signed in yet
  9. Is anyone else getting an error signing in i can't get on at all and same with a friend too
  10. You mean 56 because awakening is at 56 for every character class
  11. Then once her awaken comes you can master those
  12. It's probably under her clothes and since its kinda looks like a child they don't want to show revealing skin thus why can't see it
  13. Yeah I wanted to do imperial trading but npcs are not there i checked everywhere
  14. I'm getting the same thing, but yeah it's still under maintenance but usually when you go on early it loads then gives you an error stating under maintenance but it just doesn't bring it up at all just says press A to start constantly but i'll try again at 8am est
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