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  1. ComplexZeru

    Imperial Trading NPC

    Yeah I wanted to do imperial trading but npcs are not there i checked everywhere
  2. ComplexZeru

    Game Doesn't Work

    I'm getting the same thing, but yeah it's still under maintenance but usually when you go on early it loads then gives you an error stating under maintenance but it just doesn't bring it up at all just says press A to start constantly but i'll try again at 8am est
  3. ComplexZeru

    Shai Class

    lol we will see don't judge a class without even trying it + how would you know? lol
  4. ComplexZeru

    Should I buy

    It depends on if it fits your style if you currently have gamepass you should be able to do a test run since it is on there too before you decide to fully own it
  5. ComplexZeru

    Shai Class

    I'll be trying her out too and fyi shai heal does 200 per 5 secs for 1 min by the time its cooldown is done you can recast so in all honesty shai heals are better for a wizard/witch you have to wait for 1 or 2 mins just to do a 3 heal burst soo yeah shai will still out heal them
  6. ComplexZeru

    awakening quest

    Np you just didn't know lol
  7. ComplexZeru

    awakening quest

    Awakening doesn't come out till may 29th , it's not a bug it wasn't released yet
  8. ComplexZeru

    Awakening suggestion

    So what i think like since the Y button is unused when your weapon is out maybe that could be the button to switch between normal or awaken weapon and vice versa instead of adding it to ring make it a simple button press
  9. ComplexZeru

    How to Awakening

    They could make it when your weapon is unsheathed you press Y to change between awaken weapon or regular since Y is unused
  10. ComplexZeru

    Trading question

    I don't think #2 even exists so just skip that because you diffently don't use energy to check out buying prices, i do know you need to connect nodes from that place to the one you want to sell by using cp "contribution points"
  11. ComplexZeru

    Unlinked after update

    I'm also on NA region if that helps to know
  12. ComplexZeru

    Unlinked after update

    Ok so my account randomly got unlinked but when I try to link it again it I'll just show you the pictures it says this
  13. Account unlinked after update now I can't relink it is anyone else having that issue aswell? I'm on Us Region servers
  14. ComplexZeru

    Add a confirm pop option

    So like it says a confirm pop option but for canceling because you see most will probably laugh at this but I accidentally canceled my fishing boat crafting so I lost it because of no confirmation pop up asking are you sure so I lost it and It was almost done:(
  15. ComplexZeru

    Base game

    They didn't lol the $9.99 comes just the game no goodies the $29.99 has bonues you should read it before you type