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  1. Brandon is Christ reborn as a BDO pvp GOD
  2. GM claims that a bot will warn people when they use a word that you arent supposed to use. I got no warning from a bot. No warning from a GM. I used no offensive words of any kind. I was instantly banned with no warning at all.
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jGCRHlaKIl8BIOT9l5EJT5fdTIWXxXm77cb5kbn1DqM/mobilebasic BDO book of combat
  4. Come one come all! We lookin to have some fun!
  5. I bought the $100 version of the game with the intention of holding the new shudad armor for my striker. Now you're saying I can't use it on that class? This was never stated in the pre-order bundle. This is not okay. @[CM]Shirna
  6. Do i have to lock the thread or do the CMs? I don't see a setting to lock the thread.
  7. It won't. It never has on any version. Soft cap is 50 and your gear is capped at +15. Last launch I played was SA (Also played Taiwan launch) and that was current XP rates too. It took me 3-4 hours to hit 50 and then after getting all my energy and CP stuff done and getting my weapons to +15 (2 more days) I was level 51 almost 52. Then, I was grinding MoS caves for rings and hit 55 after about a week and a half or so (grinding 6 or so hours a day and doing other things in my off time) 55 is high enough IMO for only Calpheon content. You'll be able to go to 55.999 so you'll still get XP to that point but 55-56 was pretty slow from what I remember. You have to remember, you're capped to +15 gear, there will be no XP weekend on launch (it's a fresh launch why would there be), no Olvia channels, and you only get 10 hours of XP scrolls.
  8. It's literally the very first thing I put in the original post. Glad you read it. Thanks Shirna! I had the assumption you may have said 50 instead of 55 but just in case it wasn't a mess up I wanted to start a discussion around why I felt 50 was far too low for a level cap. I appreciate the response and clearing this up for us!
  9. Thank you for all these replies in this thread folks! Looks like a level 55 cap. See you all in March!
  10. If you cap combat level, cap life skills too.
  11. That's what my original post was intended for. I laid out the abilities we miss out on with a level 50 cap and laid out the facts about the game that make a level cap a bad idea.
  12. Level 55 would be alright, that was the SEA cap. There aren't any preawakened skills past level 55. 50 is far too low.
  13. You're not wrong, 51 and above in vanilla was a real grind but it was also very rewarding. He could have meant soft cap but to just say that levels will be capped at 50 leads us to believe that he means a hard cap. if he doesn't mean hard cap, we need that clarification.
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