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  1. malixoxo

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    thx for the link... well the armor looks strange on a "ninja" 🤣 ...is this armor special and worth to keep or should I just use it on my alt till I want to get my ninja and I can savely get him some nice "ninja-suit". Only found the "yurei" outfit, anything else whats ninja-like I maybe missed?
  2. malixoxo

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    no shudad for ninja? well... no need to keep it and I can use it for an alt class
  3. malixoxo

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    OK...lets cut the corners, we all agree with A + D 😘
  4. malixoxo

    Ultimate Pack breakdown.

    I dropped my preorder for now from ulti to the regular. sure I could save all items and give it my ninja when the class gets released but except the scrolls, value pack and pets (both same type, no cat/bird) their isnt much
  5. malixoxo

    Ultimate Pack breakdown.

    Will play definitely and hoard stuff for my ninja but will maybe only get 5-10hours to play a month. Busy with job/kids and still want to Play other games too
  6. malixoxo

    Ultimate Pack breakdown.

    Is the ultimate bundle still worth it for a casual who just want to play a bit and enjoy the grind on/off with min/maxing?!
  7. malixoxo

    Why is it a race to progress?

    I did not played on pc but I assume its more about farming mats for later content (pvp stuff siege, nodes). I think most ppl will try to min/max their character(s) for new content and hoard mats/gold. I will switch between destiny2, division2 and black desert. I dont mind if Im not topping and leaderboards or if Ive the best / maxed character. I play those games to have fun, not to be compitive or similar... I dont have the time with a fulltime job/kids and dont brother such things anymore. You will still enjoy the game 😎...
  8. malixoxo

    News about other regions launch ?

    buy it 2 times
  9. malixoxo

    AMA For new players.

    Do I have to pick a server wisely or doesn't matter
  10. malixoxo

    If you have questions - Reddit AMA is Thursday

    To be honest, no thats wrong and a lie. maybe you should use it right, get into the right sub and dont believe everything.... slightly misleading for others
  11. malixoxo

    If you have questions - Reddit AMA is Thursday

    i added them to the reddit post for you
  12. malixoxo

    If you have questions - Reddit AMA is Thursday

    i guess with the CMs
  13. malixoxo

    AMA For new players.

    yes... thanks for helping
  14. malixoxo

    AMA For new players.

    can you please explain me character / family names. Do I have to consider something and how are they invovled into pve/pvp (or displayed). I did not played the pc version and during the beta I forgot it...
  15. malixoxo

    Class selection and overview on launch

    thats why I also picked the zerker because I dont really like the others.... I prefer to play rogue and thats why I wanted to play ninja but I dont want to wait for its release and will just try out the game and learn all the stuff so that Im ready later