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  1. Heya

    Pet was t3 now its t1

    Maybe u saw t1 pet with lvl 3
  2. Heya

    Release times, other regions

    Spain? U need a map?
  3. Whant to have fun? Whant to learn and recive tips from experienced veteran players? 🎼Symphony🎼
  4. Heya

    Witch PVE felt easy in a good way

    Yes, Witch is one of the best pve clases shine in nw and sige to! U should watch some videos about witch awekening to see actualy how the class will be becouse you will use most of the time the awekenig skills after u ghet them.
  5. Heya

    xbox one S vs X

    I didnt play first beta and i was hoping to play bdo on my S.... After first day of beta i bought a new xbox x. Dont ghet me wrong is fine on S to but im used to play on hight frame rate on my pc and i had to change my s witx X. Diffrence is like night and day.......... But on s is playeble to and looks nice to! So if you dont have money for x with s you will be fine!
  6. Heya

    Game cost at release?

    We dont have an official state, but i guess will be like pc..... Around 10€-30 check yourself pc price
  7. Heh......glad you can handle this! U need a medal?i can give u if it make you feel special:)......so if screen shake dont bodders you dont come to this thread , you will have " maybe" your slider to put back at max screen shaking if you enoy it so much if the devs fix it ! so don't worries and stay cool.
  8. How many hours of grind you have? I sayd grind , not exploring bdo or whatever?
  9. Heya

    🏹POLL🏹 PC player or New to Game?

    100h?i got 10.000h reword looong time ago:)))))not sure how many i have since after 10k you don't have any rewords but my guess is around 30k hours or more......yes ofcours 95% is afk time!
  10. Heya


    Yes,it does....everyone is having a fresh start at launch
  11. This thread need to be number 1 until they fix it.........And the ones who say screen shaking don't bother them is because they are newbies......after they have a few hours of grinding will share same opinion like evryone else.........i play this game from pc beta and i never meet somebody to use this function.
  12. Agreed! And i think you even have better perfomance on console without it!
  13. Heya

    Screen shake - revisited

    This screen shake is cancer!! Game killer...... Fix it!!
  14. I whanted to download bdx beta and couldn' t fiind it in the store! After a friend sugested i change my xbox location and language from spain to uk and problem solve. Somebody else have this problem to ?
  15. Heya

    For the casual player?

    I am a casual player... I think! If u play 2,3 h every day you are a casual player and you can be conpetitive even a top player..... If u play less idk u can have fun at least:p..... So dont worie just play at your style and have fun thats is what matters!