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  1. Anyone else having as much fun as I am with Chasing down poor souls who think they can Escape the inevitable?
  2. Just Gunna throw My 2 cents out here ppl! If you dont like where the State of the Game is just dont play. (Maybe even try a DIFFERENT game) Comeback in a few months to see if the Game is hittin your Fix. Me personally, I Got Burnt out after 2 Months. Just came back with Ninja Awakening n am pretty hooked again. Just my Two cents, From the Casual Dad.
  3. Hey guys, i see this is a EU issue hope they help you guys, But do you know the NA spawn times? or where to find the info.
  4. https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Support?gclid=Cj0KCQiAn4PkBRCDARIsAGHmH3fGCet8xavr4I_3wKyopYJMcNuyYkU8nmSI4U0zYAIVhbKMsEoDBfMaAmJZEALw_wcB
  5. No problem! Will be happy to help. Feel bad for the people loosing 10x the amount of time and silver. I sent a pretty lengthy ticket expressing mine and other peoples bugs on my ticket just to let em know the severity of these bugs.
  6. I have been going through the bug reports seeing how much players are loosing due to a massive amount of occuring glitches and i feel bad for everyone. I'm sure im not the only one who payed 100$ for a game that is, at this moment fundamently broken. I have punched my ticket in. If anyone needs help finding where to go to put in an Official bug ticket here it is. https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Support?gclid=Cj0KCQiAn4PkBRCDARIsAGHmH3fGCet8xavr4I_3wKyopYJMcNuyYkU8nmSI4U0zYAIVhbKMsEoDBfMaAmJZEALw_wcB
  7. Yea ima be a madman on the Chat this weekend.... 3 day weekend. Chat spam here I come!
  8. Yea bro that fukin goblin lol, just turns around and shakes his butt after rippping you of all valuables. I hate that guy
  9. So don't sell items at all? Srry I'm at work reading all now. ..Or don't sell stacks over 100? Cuz I deffinetly got 0 silver for my 111 catfish skins and 30 silver squares.
  10. Dude Same, out of everything its The broken Gameplay thats most disapointing. i heard someone got about half their silver 4m out of the 8 mil. I keep asking my self, what is black desert without a currency system? Plz let me know if you do figureout how to talk to support. I will do the same. Good luck man
  11. When did they cash back? I only lost 2 mill yesterday. Checked this morning before work and still no silver for my 150 catfish skins and 30 silver squares. Feels bad man Hey so did you put in a ticket for your glitch?, if so how would i do the same? Bro im sooooo sorry. Omg my little bit dosnt seem so bad. But honestly how Can you play BDO with out a currency system? IMO this is the worse kinna bug they can have.
  12. Srry for your Lost. Hopefully they fix this soon. My lost dosnt seem so bad now...IMO this is absolutely A game breaking bug and needs to be fixed asap. What is BDO with out a currency system? A time dump with no reward... Really sad about this bug actually. Game has been intoxicating but came to a halt fast when the Game sucks your Money and time Away with no reward. Ulitimate bundle user..feels bad man
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