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  1. Already nerfed enough lost tankiness and takes extra 7% damage in pvp what else do you want lol
  2. As a day 1 player it doesnt bother me one bit. I dont play ps4 so i could careless what updates they get and how fast.
  3. Funny you guys will be on the forums in 2020 talking about how the game is dead when its far from dead lol
  4. Is that guy still around did he just change his name to remove pvp hahaha
  5. Simple go play pc. We will get it when they are ready to drop the event. Why do some of yall look at pc and cry "why dont we have this and that". We will get everything eventually.
  6. Just wandered in here been weeks, reddit is more live and NA servers is full of people. Arsha you can always get a good battle. The world is alive and well but lets be honest this forum isnt the best to post things unless you want to start an argument, or hear take away pvp servers, why do you pk lol
  7. Finally getting those sweet buffs i mentioned earlier!!! Nice for pve
  8. Never been a fan of ninja but will level it for rewards. Got my wiz and just waiting on mystic bae lol
  9. True indeed, agree hard to grind for a long time but the break up for a little pvp helps the grinding in circles haha
  10. Yes i love arsha i can always find a good fight. Win some, lose some lol
  11. Hmm you have a point a i never seen a drop from mob like other weapons..interesting
  12. I seen a couple daggers on the market but im broke so i need rng to bless me haha
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