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  1. Bnews757


    At that ap any class you pick is good lol
  2. Bnews757


    Yea everybody on pc should be in that bracket if playing for some time. Its crazy like you said only been out two months lol
  3. Bnews757


    I mean congrats i guess, but what now? Pen nouver, pen dande then why play anymore lol
  4. Bnews757


    Yes agree probably and i hope its the last class released
  5. Bnews757


    Oh thats nice wow, dont want to run across that player
  6. Bnews757

    CC'S are broken

    Thats what i said. Wiz main here and i love using my chain ligthing its the funniest to watch someone try and run away
  7. Bnews757

    CC'S are broken

    In game not abuse, use to your advantage, see nothing wrong
  8. Yea i dont understand why people are shocked, this isnt a new proper research before buying would save alot of people stress. Everything to know about this game is online. Nobody has 300 ap impossible, maybe you were being sarcastic He doesnt need to pay to pvp im sure there are plenty of low level players to still have fun in game, just have to pick your battles wisely
  9. Bnews757

    This game is massively pay to win!

    Yes this. Im sure they will adjust the costume prices eventually just like on pc and money will always make a difference in bdo dont lie to the people lol
  10. Bnews757

    The PVP in this game is a joke...

    Haha you wish
  11. Bnews757

    Awakening question

    On pc after completing awakening quest you get free skill reset for 24hours, it should be the same on xbox
  12. Bnews757


  13. Bnews757

    This game is massively pay to win!

    Who cares still fun
  14. Yes this post is so bs 310dp 220 ap yeah right
  15. Bnews757

    Awakening Date

    Nice nice