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  1. 1 hour ago, ChilMeiSTer1968 said:

    I have to agree with this, even though i enjoy playing the game the servers are definitely quiet these days. I put it down to the simple fact that PA were greedy making RNG practically a joke to encourage players to constantly buy and sell pearl items. People will buy micro transactions for a better look but not at the high prices PA charge. If anyone is to blame for the failure of this game on the console its PA for thinking we are stupid. 

    Funny you guys will be on the forums in 2020 talking about how the game is dead when its far from dead lol

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  2. 4 hours ago, Rocketfuel77777 said:

    Most people browse forums without involvement. There is not much info here since PA doesn't answer ANY questions we address - why bother then? Also, back in the day forums were "fuller" in general but now, since we have discord etc, people choose real time replies rather than waiting for a forum reply. Discord and Reddit are much more active. You can't really filter how many reddit posts are within PC BDO section but are addressed by XBOX players (not everyone tags posts properly). Hell, I'm only on forums while I'm at work.. after work I rather grind than be here. 

    Population wise, EU servers are all busy between 17:00-23:00. Arsha server - always a good fight like Bnews757 mentioned. Grinding over night is the only time where places are relatively uncontested. 

    People blindly expect this game to die while the fact is that it thrives and it is really OK. We have a decent group of card swippers that will keep the game going. While I mostly spend money on value pack and artisan's memories, I know that people literally buy costumes for crones and run full tet or pen already. I really think that some people wish this game to die which is not going to happen because BDO and BD Mobile apparently brought enough money to make BDX possible and all three titles help each other. I'm also very convinced that the money we spent since March release already covered the cost of creating BDX by now. 

    BDX is not like other games.. You have to keep in mind that every group of 10 players  will most likely include at least 8 who already played the game on PC or learned about it months beforehand (like me for example). The remaining 2 who have very little in common with the game and will cry about PvP or RNG  (no offence, people who played bdo before knew what they are signing for).


    Well said

  3. Just wandered in here been weeks, reddit is more live and NA servers is full of people. Arsha you can always get a good battle. The world is alive and well but lets be honest this forum isnt the best to post things unless you want to start an argument, or hear take away pvp servers, why do you pk lol

  4. 1 minute ago, Wiitchcraft said:

    Yeah. I find in impossible to grind efficiently on there so I usually grind on other servers. I like to go to Arsha for the PvP though, its a great way to spend a few hours grinding while stopping for pvp every few minutes, breaks up the monotony of straight grinding for hours. 

    True indeed, agree hard to grind for a long time but the break up for a little pvp helps the grinding in circles haha

  5. 5 hours ago, Wiitchcraft said:

    Yeah arsha server is barely ever crowded but it's near impossible to find an open grind spot without fighting for it in the higher end grind spots. Its essentially an end game server, not for those just starting out or looking to do life skills. Not saying that you can't, just saying it's not really the intended purpose.

    Yes i love arsha i can always find a good fight. Win some, lose some lol

  6. 1 hour ago, Hulkksmash said:

    My lahn is my boss shredding machine. Sure kinda squishy, but shes fast as hell for evades. I can't remember the last time i haven't been in top dps. I've got probably 10 kzarka boxes and few kutums now. 

    I like her a lot. 

    I been posted up at nouver trying to snag one of those things havent been lucky yet lol

  7. 13 minutes ago, Wiitchcraft said:

    Theirs 2 in my guild. Thats about all I know of, besides Win(who was in DS, not sure where hes at now), Scotty from SS.....yeah, thats about it. 4 warriors.


    I run into more strikers,  wiz, witch, musas

  8. 18 minutes ago, Wiitchcraft said:

    Huh. well I never run into them when I'm out grinding, or at bosses. I'll see a few, usually the same few.

    I dont remember last time i seen a warrior on na lol

  9. Up trolling early with your same copy and paste message i see hahaha

    38 minutes ago, Deathz Angel said:

    Not everyone wants to be forced into PvP on an rpg. Pvp should be wanted by both people involved, open world PvP just doesn't work. For people stating bdo xbox is PvP game we will be getting group pve content in the future. Have stayed 49 since launch


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