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  1. Jason aka death angel, same person hahaha
  2. Probably is you lol you answer so quick on these type of post tsk tsk you
  3. Death angel another alt account lol
  4. They were quiet and boom new class lol so you never know with PA they what they want when they want
  5. I believe thats correct next week create 26 able to play
  6. I think to start out they need there own thing then later on maybe 6months merge them. All just talk but if it was cross platform they would get farmed, harassed at grind spots and never gear up lol
  7. Catch up with the lingo old man
  8. Funny coming from the troll
  9. I stopped reading when you said there's cheating but had no proof meh
  10. Extra xp does nothing to benefit, fast level no skill points and still no gear progression. They need time still.
  11. I think they will but maybe give them sometime to catch up which wouldnt take long. I thought the ps4 version was coming out next year but just saw it on the main website lol
  12. Wow that pretty cool and fast. I wonder if they plan to do cross platform later on? We arent that far ahead on xbox. Think good idea or bad?
  13. Great way to put it. Game been out for years a simple youtube research would have shown what the focus, end game goal is (pvp). What are you grinding for? What are you life skilling for? To make money to do what? Upgrade your gear so will become a beast in pvp and defend your spots, node wars. Some people just want to deny whats right in front of their faces. Some should check PA track record they could care less about petitions, protest in game, whatever you think will work, they dont budge and kept the core of the game at what they set it out to focus on (PVP). Dont like it try another game its very simple. I really dont remember this much crying on pc back in days. I think xbox hit a new level lol.
  14. Far from dead so much goodies and new areas to come out. Check out the road map for 2019 upcoming for pc. Were not even anywhere near caught up to pc but they are still getting new content and some group content which will get in due time.
  15. Oh wow thats good to know
  16. Who would admit to having mutiple forum accounts lol you're the ultimate troll. Keep it up man.
  17. Haha he cant say nothing when proven wrong its amazing right
  18. Nope starting threads on this forum get off track which lead into 4 to 6 pages full of back and forth arguments hahah
  19. I love story time especially pvp, pk whatever lol we need more stories.
  20. New classes come will you hide in veila or will you actually lvl above 49 and come play lol. Let me stop feeding the troll death angel aka jason.
  21. Well if your doing pve your going to run into pvp rather you want to or not unless your farming grass beetles by Olivia lol. The excitement for me comes from grinding a spot and seeing a white dot. Are they going to change channels, just passing by, or are we going to fight. Win or lose its get me excited.
  22. Titan fall and league must be boring since you're on the forums. You should log into your alt forum account Jason and talk to yourself some more lol
  23. Pvp game how is that hard to see? This isnt a new game with new features its the same game from pc. You grind to get gear to get better at.....guess what? Pvp. If this game wasnt so big on pvp it would have never caught my attention years ago.
  24. Im sure we will get all these things way later but its a good read to know what will come in the future. One thing i noticed in there is we will get the same UI as pc.
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