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  1. Hopefully its longer no point to rush. I mean of people want the content go back to pc. Let the new players get use to things. They are a smart company so im sure the will drag things out. Have to make that money and keep people interested in playing with new updates every couple of months. Would make no sense to update us the where pc version is in a couple months.
  2. Hahah already marked sure sure you're delusional get some help man
  3. Soft cap players on all servers ok now i know its a lying kid hahaha and whats makes you think you will be the only one geared??? This is too funny. Cry all you want ththe game doesnt cater to you see how well that went on pc version right???? Exactly. So enjoy or dont play. There is nothing you can do to ruin the game for anyone. So much to do in bdo beside no life and grind like you want lol
  4. Haha dude save the fake scare tactics you cant kill anything off but this is funny please keep talking
  5. Sure guy.....if i can survive pc version and not rage quit this will be the same lol
  6. Haha what a loser, what happens when you lose oh wait you will be strongest on the server right. There is no way that stupid plan would work. Patrol each channel, so whag does nothing to the game. Guess you dont know protest do nothing in bdo na.
  7. Omg should i be scared, like you can find me in game lol take it out on me yea you must be a little kid. Worst experience will vets like you that think you know it all and are so high mighty. I will this and that gear blah blah whatever
  8. No unfortunate im one you old fart vets but i dont try to dictate what they should do with their game, you didnt change nothing on pc you aint changing nothing here so suck it up
  9. You sound stupid lol you will be a new 50 too smh kids and their dreams
  10. Fool your self lol pri player aint beating full tet player sorry doesnt happen
  11. I have a feeling bdo on xbox will be all old vets that things will be different and want to dictate lol. After lvl raised most will find something else to complain about haha
  12. Just need gear what takes skill please explain??? Haha
  13. You dont need skill in bdo lol just gear omg you're funny
  14. Everyone will be 50 lol, you wont survive, dec on what guild? Staying guildessand trolling is more fun duh and going red is not a big deal easy to get karma
  15. Glad your opinions mean nothing lol cya in game with that lv50 cap
  16. I agree most are coming from pc version and think this will be something new but its same game lol. Players from pc will be the death of the xbox version cause all they do is complain, complain, complain. If everyone gets to 50 in a couple hours so what?? Lots of pvp at catfish. Should be fun
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