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  1. No we dont have dueling option yet. That will be nice to have eventually. Weekends are pretty packed na. Its fun kind of though get to fight alot for spots and always have to watch your back.
  2. I think everyone is ghillied up lol. Im on the other side of the world living in korea at the moment so my time is a little off. Its tuesday 12afternoon so when im on grinding i think most sleep or going to. I only get to spend quality time weekends with everyone but will change soon hoepfully.
  3. And not my fault if i out gear him he should stay at helms if he is weak. Should i have whispered him and said," excuse me sir i want to flag on you but i was wondering what your gear score is first" said no one ever 不不不
  4. 300 p2w to you lol. Wizard is pretty strong are you new to bdo? 100percent, ult, awakening buff hello most wont survive it geared or not
  5. If your not a noob your p2w right 不不不 #crymeariver
  6. I missed the water sphere attack for knock down. Sometimes that grab is so iffy need to be right up on them lol miss it and can cost you if you dont react quick enough.
  7. The guy that said he quit but still checks forums haha we know you want to come back dont lie
  8. Didnt get the knock down and missed my big damage on this one but still got the job done i guess lol https://imgur.com/gallery/ysqHarW
  9. Exactly my thoughts. Imagine buying bdo just to stay lvl49, not seeing half the content because you heard too many horror stories of pking. What a sad life haha
  10. Lol funny read game will only get bigger amd better its not going anywhere. People leave and come back to bdo all the time. Its very simple see somone grinding get out their way or get mopped up lol. Easy alternative keep swapping channels till you find an empty spot. I think its funny people come on forums and preach dont do this or the game will die blah blah. If you past lvl49 anything is fair game or you could stay lvl49 like death angel and hope for the never coming pve servers lol
  11. Usually i careless if you are doing quest if you come in the rotation im doing and i have all my buffs popped for exp im killing without asking questions. They probably did the same thing. I think it's funny when people say i got killed doing quest lol. Who whispers and says," excuse i want to kill but before i do are you doing quest" lol
  12. Oh dear death angel must be bored he is back on forums with the same copy paste "i dont want to lvl past 49 garbage"
  13. Glad everyone's enjoying their classes
  14. Good luck sacrifice some noobs at sausan
  15. Yes here grinding and 1v1 is amazing
  16. What level? How many skill points? Ap?
  17. Yes my upgrading wasnt bad to tri. Went straight duo failed tri once, went back pri next attempts back up got tri on 35stack.
  18. How is everyone liking their awakenings? Wiz main from pc so i feel right at home just getting use to controllers but for wiz not that bad.
  19. Oh no forum police haha what a joke go farm some mobs dude
  20. I remember when tet came i got my kzarka within two tries the first night. Awakening came out after finishing the quest getting to tri was easy since i had the materials and plenty stacks. I bought 4 60dollars pearls packs, and maybe 2 of 30 dollar ones to melt costumes. That blue awakening wont pop lol. Anyone able to hit tet on it yet hahaha. I mean i know getting to tet on blue not that big of deal, well kind of until dandes come out but getting it would have been nice. Guess i will pray some more to the Rng Gods lol.
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