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  1. To be honest i think they shouldnt even put out road maps all it does is make people ask every week, every stream when will get this and that. They should let us know like a week before when something new is coming.
  2. Nice nice sounds good. I wish i would've bought more frags only have 70 something. Need to buy artisans to make it stretch. I parked my wiz at the awakening quest point so i can get going quick.
  3. Back on subject before that interruption to the post. I managed to get 15more shards through preorder. Hopefully it will be enough and rng is nice to me. Did anyone get your mem frags before the prices goes up?
  4. Want a tutorial go play wow. Did you expect them to hold your hand?
  5. A quick search on youtube would have saved you money. Everything you wanted to know.about the game is there. Highest character a level 56? Did you just start yesterday what a joke. Uninstall
  6. 172/ 211 dp who are you fighing? Probably nobody with that dp you would melt. It sounds good though. Just using magic arrow no pots omg you could up a better story than this.
  7. PA is big in pvp, i dont think i ever used PA for pve never saw a reason to. Its one of the reason wiz, witch are needed/wanted in most guilds.
  8. Did you guys do a fresh install with ssd or just move it from hard drive over?
  9. Oh ok didnt hear that part in the stream lol i turned off after finding out how awakening will work sort of with controllers
  10. Blue i never use the green one. One i get up to tri or hopefully tet i will ultimate it
  11. Not gone he still can use if he chooses but of course awakening skills will be stronger
  12. I like to take risk plus i will cron atleast three attempts and then yolo the last of it doesnt go Guess we have to wait for karanda its not coming this patch like i thought it would
  13. Are you prepared for awakenings not much but its what i have so far from little gaterhing and events, log in rewards. Going to try and get it to tet (i know regular awakening is same as tri dande) but no idea when i will get dande assuming it comes this patch.
  14. At that ap any class you pick is good lol
  15. Yea everybody on pc should be in that bracket if playing for some time. Its crazy like you said only been out two months lol
  16. I mean congrats i guess, but what now? Pen nouver, pen dande then why play anymore lol
  17. Bnews757


    Yes agree probably and i hope its the last class released
  18. Oh thats nice wow, dont want to run across that player
  19. Thats what i said. Wiz main here and i love using my chain ligthing its the funniest to watch someone try and run away
  20. In game not abuse, use to your advantage, see nothing wrong
  21. Yea i dont understand why people are shocked, this isnt a new proper research before buying would save alot of people stress. Everything to know about this game is online. Nobody has 300 ap impossible, maybe you were being sarcastic He doesnt need to pay to pvp im sure there are plenty of low level players to still have fun in game, just have to pick your battles wisely
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