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  1. Yes this. Im sure they will adjust the costume prices eventually just like on pc and money will always make a difference in bdo dont lie to the people lol
  2. On pc after completing awakening quest you get free skill reset for 24hours, it should be the same on xbox
  3. Yes this post is so bs 310dp 220 ap yeah right
  4. Forget other classes give us awakenings, them other classes come way later
  5. I posted already i got my kzarka at 44 stacks no crons, steel dagger at 40 crons, and heve somewhere in between there. I find the enhancing to be much easier but maybe i just been lucky.
  6. What are you joking who goes for tet 54 to 90 on pc lol. I always started my tets at 35 40 on pc and work my way up on succeed.
  7. Field boss barely get killed on pc and they wont here as soon as night vendor comes into play. Especially mudster, rednose, people might show up to bhegs later but highly doubt it.
  8. Sorry man you dont need skill with pen gear lol and just 15 weapons isnt going to do you decent in pvp maybe a month ago but not now.
  9. Wow nice make me want to try my tet offhand lol
  10. Yea im tetting all my green armor until i get boss gear. Once i get tet boss armor the green items will always sell to someone so i get some money back is the way i see it. Im at 3 tets but i agree not many running around full tet and rare to see many with pens. Tri is still a good spot to be. Also if i had all pen i wouldnt play anymore whats the point? That just my opinion would be very boring with no one to compete against like you stated.
  11. Full pen haha we can only wish in our dreams
  12. Ive heard tet or im full pri. Pen just isnt realistic no point in trying unless like said above you have that card ready. I can only imagine some new players getting tet then trying for pen lol aint going to happen easy most will never see even 1 pen.
  13. I order my shards through cm and usually get them after a while or just afk gather water
  14. Lvl 58 48% probably push 59 after awakenings come out, 1096skillpoints, just finishing up valencia quest and gathering for shards so i can try and get awakening to atleast tri when they drop
  15. Been lucky so far with tet attempts 44stack kzarka, 38stack heve gloves, 40stack steel dagger ( which i will seel once nouver comes out i get that to tet). I will stay at tet and never plan to go pen, couldnt imagine failing pen attempt and then continue to fail all the way back down to pri. I tried to tet stell dagger and ended up using my 37 shards saved for awakening to it back to tri just to try tet attempt. I use crons on the steel dagger and heve glove. Yolod kzarka and got it. For new players i can understand the pain of enhancing but coming pc i knew what kind of trouble im getting myself into enhacning. Did ms.pay2win ever get that pen muskan i remember he was trying forever lol
  16. Welcome to bdo some of us love it , it aint for every one. Feels good when you hit that enhancement you been trying forever, war dec on site fights, node wars, random pks, killing noobs at helms and sausans when bored man i love this game nothing else like it.
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