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  1. Good job Tekeii, it was nice to see everyone come together for some community fun, well done to the winners and all that joined in.
  2. It gives the date you can play on with the edition you buy so the ult edition you are looking at is the 1st, if you check out the other editions you will see later dates
  3. Preordered the ult before the beta and sticking with it
  4. I suggest you inform yourself on what happened so you can prevent yourself from looking dumb, or perhaps that's what your into, lord. Erm maybe you should read the post of mine you quoted before this one where I said I didn't know that's what had happened, in fact if you had quoted me a few posts prior it would have been valid but instead you are just back peddling to do nothing more than attempt insult which Tbh is quite weak on your part, but hey gg on the attempt.
  5. So you would much rather people not find and report exploits leaving a select few to hold the knowledge and stay super rich in secret? Gtfo trying to drag the guild I'm in into the conversation. I'm happy to report any exploit I've ever come across in any game I've played and I will do in BD also but one thing I won't do is complain about people finding exploits in a beta. The exploit was found and it got reported and fixed, no matter what game you play there will always be those trying to use them for their own gains, again I'm happy if they find them and boast about it as that means it gets fixed quicker.
  6. Tbh I would have thought it intended for all your chars to get the ult pack so that people who haven't bought the game yet get to experience everything on more than 1 char so I don't see that as abusing an exploit, even if it was should it really matter as its a beta that lasted a couple of days, it's not like players get to keep it all for release, everything gets wiped.
  7. For starters Sir Verbz is my father, you may refer to me as Verb, dude or me lord. Now I am not stating that it wasn't an exploit, I had no idea that the mp gave the silver out straight away, it was my understanding that you only got paid when another player bought your items for sale. Now at the end of the day this is a beta and as such it is for testing and finding problems with the game such as exploits, for people to come on the forums spouting for bans during a beta is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen or heard when it comes to gaming, so what if someone found an exploit in a beta, I'm happy for that to happen because guess what, that has since been fixed and hopefully we don't see it in the release. I for one welcome players finding exploits in both beta and release so they can get fixed and prevent long term abuse of the system.
  8. I second that, I'm intrigued also
  9. While I agree with you that I hope they bring the other classes quick as I like the looks of maehwa and ninja, but please please please don't make suggestions of paying for the other classes, don't give any company an idea of us having to pay for things we shouldn't be lol
  10. There probably was something else, and it is a shame players don't report it straight away, you do find most people will take any advantage they can get without morales, but it's those same people who complain if things don't go their way lol
  11. Indeed, even after release we still need players to break the game to find these things out, I know people tend to not say they found an exploit but before long someone puts it on YouTube and it gets fixed... I don't think outright bans for exploiting should happen, I do feel there needs to be a case by case review on it, say for example with fallout 76 there was a thing where you could craft a throwing knife, dismantle it and get the same amount of materials you need to craft so people was doing it to get free XP and level quick, this is a clever use of game mechanics and in my eyes doesn't require a ban, it's a dev problem and requires a fix and no other actions. Things such as duping for example is something in my view that requires bans.
  12. Wait, is this what people are calling an exploit? Do they not realise this is how business works even in th real world lol, buy cheap sell high.
  13. While I agree that exploiting in full release should result in bans depending on the severity, but for exploiting in a beta then No it should not result in bans because this is what a beta is for, testing for many things including exploits.
  14. Just to let folks know after a great beta we are still recruiting so feel free to hop onto our discord and have a chat to see if Alpha is a guild you will enjoy been a part of. https://discord.gg/RuJPum9 Morgana.
  15. Can't wait to see the game world in 4k, just bought a new TV especially for it haha, I wish I played the first beta but at least I get this one before release
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