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  1. If you played warrior in the beta, you should know they are fundamentally bugged in PvP at the moment. The warrior skills in bdx beta doesn't react to character hitboxes in PvP, so you just hit straight through them and end up on the other side of the enemy. The warrior skills are supposed to react to the character hitboxes like on PC, but this bdx bug makes it impossible to use combos in PvP lul How many other classes have this bug? I'd like to know if my striker will be fucked like this when it releases too. This is seriously game breaking, since all you do in PvP is to use combos on the enemy player, but with this bug the core mechanics of the PvP combat won't work #BDXbrokengame
  2. What!?? How haven't they fixed this yet? This is seriously gamebreaking in a combo based game, holy **** DEVELOPERS, WAKE UP PLEASE
  3. Screen shake and forced camera acceleration are the two worst things I really dislike with bdx atm they delayed the release for so long but didn’t give us a simple option to turn those off... these are basic settings we’re talking about....they are important to add
  4. Same problem here, but I don’t use any inverted settings, so that’s not it I’ve tried various different sensitivity settings, but the right thumb stick camera aim is poorly optimized I’m fine with the controls except for the right thumb stick camera feel Also, please can you let us turn off the camera acceleration
  5. do you play the game on pc? Berserkers are one of the strongest classes if you know how to play them in endgame, and they can adjust to many situations. a noob will be bad with ANY class, except mystic, those are still broken OP
  6. Can't they just give us the roadmap already...
  7. I wanna give a thumbs up for your new changes to your guild, iam digging your new design! If I don't decide to create my own pvp guild, I will contact you since you look more experienced in high end sieges than the other guilds here, and able to back it up with clips Either way, I hope to see you around in game
  8. well for witch and wizard you are in luck since they are the least ping dependant classes and slower, but for sorceress it will be noticable with higher ping. for mystic and striker you could get away with it since they have lots of super armor and protection, but if you duel it will be noticable if you're both good and try to cc each other with high ping. for valk and archer it depends very much on your playstyle, as you can sit back and snipe kills with archer and you'd be fine in sieges and nodes, while valk could have issues with desync on grab cc from higher ping, but its not the fastest class around so it would be manageable. dk is mainly a dmg dealer, so they dont need to worry about grab desync, but they are fast paced like sorceress, so the ping would be noticable in duels if you're good. If you're not a fan of the "zerg and create lag" culture of BDO on NA, then you will probably have a better time on EU where tactics are more valued and fights last longer, as you can see on twitch. The best sieges on twitch are usually EU based because of this. In terms of population on EU pc, it's very active and packed.
  9. I wouldn't recommend playing on the opposite region in general, since ping matters more in this game compared to other mmos because of the action combat, especially for dueling. But slower classes like wiz/witch will be less impacted by the extra ping On NA, they pvp by creating as much lag as possible to win, It's absolutely idiotic I know, but that's the meta they decided on NA since the beginning and it's why pvp sucks on NA compared to EU. If you're afraid of lag, sieges WILL lag on NA with a pvp culture like that unless they change it, because they will just throw lag on each other instead of tactics and fights. So if you think of it like that, you will probably lag less if you play sieges on EU because the eu culture is different, and there are more balanced siege fights with tactics between guilds instead of the mentality to just cause lag with one big alliance and zerg to win. Another recent problem on NA is that they can't kill world bosses on time before they despawn because too many people there don't know the mechanics of the boss fights and just fight blindly, while on EU the world bosses are killed just fine because the EU server got more players that learned the mechanics. Pearl abyss patched it this week so the bosses take 25% more damage to make it easier for NA to catch up to EU, but this gives you a general idea of the NA vs EU playstyle. What class are you going to play? Then I can better give you advice how much the ping will affect you. If you're from NA and decide to play EU instead, you will have an easier time getting good grinding spots at your 6pm-11pm evenings though, since most of eu will start to go to sleep then.
  10. BDO on pc its the opposite PVP on NA has been dead for a long time, but it's alive and well on EU with weekly twitch siege podcasts for nearly 3 years ESO is still active on eu, but that game is terrible for pvp If you want to PVP in bdo, eu will be the best server for that, because many are coming from pc over to xbox here NA will just be one big alliance that zerg the rest, gl with that until it kills all pvp on the server like they did on NA PC.
  11. it wont be carried over but with you being limited to only calpheon mobs, +15 gear, and without the extra exp buffs that pc got, it will be much slower to get lvl 55.99. have you tried to lvl a char purely on calpheon to lvl 56? the mobs are so low lvl that its actually pretty slow even on pc with all the boss gear, buffs and stuff you can use to make it faster there. the CM already said that they will raise the level cap shortly after launch, so I wouldn't worry. I think we can expect awakenings only 2-3 months after launch too. CM already stated that awakenings will come soon after launch, and I believe it took 3 months on SEA server.
  12. omegalul gl nazeem, and hf in cloud district
  13. The exp rates will be different before we get mediah. You probably wont hit 55 before they raise the cap shortly after. The beta is different, because the cap was lvl 30, and everything up to lvl 50 is easy. after lvl 50 it slows down a lot, until they raise the softcap again. I wouldn't worry, because all you should care about at that stage is your skill points, not your exp. once they increase the level cap, the exp will become much easier anyway Skill points will continue to increase even if you somehow managed to reach 55 before they increase it shortly after.. remember, you are grinding calpheon at the beginning, the exp there is really low compared to new regions
  14. yes there are, but a majority of them is forming on their own discord channels and through xbox, and not here on the forums. In addition to that there's a lot of national eu guilds as well. it will be more packed than on pc, and there won't be that huge gear gap, so all guilds can fight each other, can you imagine that going to be fun
  15. yes the one on the xbox picture is the new updated shudad version they have in korea. its available for more classes than the original one i think. the new version looks better too
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