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  1. I think Heirophant needs a forum ban for the nonstop toxicity.
  2. No one has issues with you being you, unless you're an asshole.
  3. CMs need to work on their general knowledge of the game though. The amount of false information they put out over livestreams etc. is horrendous. I don't see how they could manage with such a limited knowledge.
  4. AMA stated that the standard would be the lowest offered price for the foreseeable future.
  5. My a50s work perfectly fine.
  6. Not sure if this is intended, or if it's because I play on the original Xbox One. But, the visual effects on other players skills are mostly unseen. I can sometimes see some effects, and others none at all. This is a huge concern in PvP as making sure you're reading your opponent's actions play a massive part. If I cannot tell what abilities are being used, I stand at an unimaginable disadvantage. I plan to upgrade my Xbox either way, but that doesn't mean that by using my current console I should be unable to compete.
  7. Still filling out the guild, let us know if you're interested! We're trying to reach our 100 cap before early release next weekend!
  8. Looking for RBF Leads, Siege Builders primarily, but still open recruitment to all classes and players. Get in touch!
  9. All guides have been updated on Discord. Roster, Guild Activity, Gear Check spreadsheets are all up now as well. Looking to recruit more people before next month! Also, if you'd like to have some pointers during the beta joining the guild now will guarantee you get all the help you need!
  10. We are still actively recruiting. Message us on Xbox or join Discord to join! Gamertag: Kylerxius Prime Ericlese Prime Extremely Prime
  11. Terrible advice, if you plan to spend at least $100 get the pack or you will be getting less for more $.
  12. It's not going to game share. They clearly stated that it will be linked to the one account. I don't know why the replies are mixed, when it was very clear.
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