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  1. Morning all, I'm hosting another 1v1 Tournament to sign up head over here for the rules and times! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeug52v6Iji1v5_SQvTZ6Wcgsbx4SQa2qBOIO7IeljFQpzx-g/viewform
  2. When are we getting the optimisation mode, yeah the game looks pretty and im sure all the weebs enjoy sitting on a rock taking photos in hd. Whats the point in having 100 man guilds if the game can't handle f/u/c/k/i/n/g 1v1 in battle arena. Players don't render and the lag is getting worse. Fix it asap or the game is just going to die. @GM_Hexe @CM Trent @CM Valencia
  3. Hello all, been a while since we came here. We have increased our requirements to 460 gearscore and level 58. You are required to participate in an arena trial. Apply here - https://discord.gg/bAsDc47
  4. Hi All, Just made a quick video, i'm trying to document my enhancing on stream and will do regular enhancement streams. Most likely bi-weekly on a friday evening so if you enjoy watching me fail and lose the will to live come check me out at www.twitch.tv/tekeiiv Anyway on to the video of my first 2 nights spent enhancing. I've kinda been hoarding as much as i can since launch whilst still keeping my gear reasonable. In this video i spent; ~300 Million ~500 Armor/Weapon Stones ~ 50 Sharp Shards ~ 50 Hard Shards ~ 31 Memory Fragments ~ 31 Artisan Memories ~ 20,000 Pearls (kill me now) I literally spent everything and if my last enhancement fails i would be at 200,000 silver. It was an emotional ride and i still have no money right now in game either. I am COMPLETELY BROKE. I was even selling materials to the general goods vendor so I could rush and get some more shards to enhance on stream with. Do you think what i spent was good value for money after you see the results?
  5. I did state in the video its an old map from PC when I was playing then. Nouver used to have 3 separate spawn locations and that was why there was a 30 minute delay on him so people could find the right one. I did mention in the video the correct spawn location for nouver.
  6. Hi All, I decided to make a quick (sorry it went on a little longer than expected!) video to explain all the grind spots in Valencia and where you should probably focus on what your target is i.e Money or Silver! I hope the video is helpful and if it is please drop me a subscribe or a like it would really be appreciated. If you haven't already follow me on twitch.tv/tekeiiv and i'm happy to help at any time! Kind Regards Tekeii
  7. Hi Guys, Hope everything going well, I'm going to get so much hate for making this public knowledge for xbox but it's about time everyone knows about it and not just the PC players. If you haven't already subscribe here for more secrets like this and follow on twitch.tv/tekeiiv
  8. Hi All, Hope you are doing well another video for the new guys out there on how to get easy contribution points so you can max out those workers and resources. I hope this is helpful!
  9. Moderators: If this doesn't belong in this one please move to the appropriate one. Hey Guys, We had to remove the losers bracket half way through as we were running out of time and the stream agreed. Your winners are! Shmetta Tokido Ciri Very good fights guys, hope you all enjoyed it was a lot of fun and really nice to see the community come together and nobody cause any trouble. Well done all involved was a lot of fun, keep your eyes out in the future for more events!
  10. Morning All, Another method for you guys to gather some Hards and Sharp Shards whilst you aren't playing is gathering water. Yes I know some of you hate this but it's a really good method for some of you who ABSOLUTELY HATE gathering. When I'm grinding i like to spend my time doing something worthwhile like grinding or PvP so when it comes to getting those shards for enhancing this is my go-to method! Enjoy, if you find this video helpful, please like, subscribe, comment and share! .
  11. Yup, i love the place the first time i came down here to do a guild mission it was pretty meh. Then once i started getting more AP and cleared it so much faster it become godly for me. But i'm aware my luck has been pretty incredible. Ahh maybe its because you didn't have a loot scroll up to? I've been actively popping those as I had so many! Plus level 7 node? (Might be 8 now!)
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