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  1. Good news. Please optimize more for the one X also
  2. Yes the screen shake bothered me when I watched streamers play it in beta. I expect them to let us turn it off when it’s out I will take a closer look at your discord once I have downloaded the app man i just want to play already!
  3. Good to hear Maybe bdo on xbox get more fps and better graphics for the next gen console Did you try berserker in the beta?
  4. The screen shake is horrible. The classes that are affected worst by screen shake is berserker, warrior, sorc, and ranger.
  5. You know what I mean. Leaving the xbox on for over 10 hours or more for days or weeks is not healthy for the system. No other game require this, so they don’t know what will happen
  6. Reduce the screen shake, let us turn it down/off Give us more options in the settings to reduce UI and visual effects Give us a better way to do lifeskill while idle on the xbox. I don’t want my house to burn down because of the xbox exploding
  7. You guys are winning early i see! How did the game feel in beta? I was on vacation and unable to play it unfortunately
  8. i want to know this also a graphics update with better fps on the next console would be nice too
  9. i was thinking of taking it slow and solo until they atleast add our awakenings, but maybe i change my mind at launch! if i want to team up with a guild early on i will let you know first no question
  10. berserkers Q buff and flame buster combo, just saying berserker is in a good spot, one of the best classes overall. people saying otherwise just need to l2p
  11. what did they say about this week? are they going to stream the game?
  12. The Rock would approve this change If I am joining a guild early I will apply to you first
  13. the extra weight, inventory and storage is a really good change! i hope u learn that too much greed is not the way to keep us playing, so please make the game less greedy then the pc version
  14. it's nice to see you coming to xbox eu as well! for those that doesnt know, this guy and his guild created loads of entertainment for sieges and politics on pc eu from what im hearing, eu server is shaping up to become very interesting
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