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  1. Why haven't they fixed this yet?! Settings cant be saved for almost 2 weeks now. and I would like to add that this bug will stop new players to even bother when it looks so broken
  2. still not working I finished all black spirit story quests and main quests
  3. I have this problem. Quest doesn't show, and I beat the black spirit questline already
  4. No. Warrior uses this type of click movement with for example awakening 100% black spirit ultimate. without the click movement that ultimate is weakened. Warrior is already considered bad on PC, where they can play with 120+ fps. warrior is the most fps dependant class in the game, so it will be weaker on xbox
  5. Your argument is flawed, because this does not affect two classes. If you knew what you are talking about, you would know It affects lots of classes, and some classes more than others. It breaks the balance of the game. Why would you rather want something half made than something they could fix with the suggestion OP made? It's like you just want to argue against it for the sake of being bitter and angry without even thinking what is best for you as a xbox player. Why wouldn't you want the classes to work like they were designed and balanced around? Are you being serious? xD There is not a problem like in this in ESO that you use as an example, because the port to controller works fine on xbox with very minor differences between pc and console. That's how it should be on bdx, so the class balance remains. "It’s different than the PC game and the Xbox players that are new will accept the game as is" lul what a quote! Why should you accept anything just because you play it on console? are you saying that xbox shouldn't be prioritized? holy.. not sure if serious
  6. you have only played it to max lvl 40 during 3 days in a beta. you will understand when you become higher level why this is an issue, and that you should thank them for making them aware of this issue early you don't want the xbox players to enjoy this game the way it was intended, and to avoid that some classes will become completely broken when you reach a higher level because some classes doesn't work like they were designed and balanced around on xbox? You want bdx to become more unbalanced? this has nothing to do with pc vs xbox, or your weird hatred towards humans who own a PC, but the question is why would you want a broken version of it on xbox?
  7. playing bdo with the extra ping from the wrong region is like picking a 20 year old broken car instead of a new Lamborghini lul in bdo you want to have as low ping possible. anyone that doesn't play on their closest region server will have a harder time
  8. the final beta was a bit outdated compared to the balance patches we have on pc will we get an updated balance patch for xbox release?
  9. I don’t see why they haven’t listened yet. I still haven’t heard of a single person that like the screen shake
  10. Betty, you’re the one looking incredibly dumb here He clearly wrote that he’s happy that the exploits were found during the Beta t.e.s.t so they could be fixed before release. Thats why they run a beta test jesus. Are you saying they should ban the ones who found the BUG in the BETA test and reported it? I want to thank whoever found that bug and made them aware of it so it’s not there on release to create cancer, maybe you should do the same if you really dont like exploits in the game Can you imagine what would happen if that bug wasn’t found in beta and stayed for release? if you are the leader then im rejecting your offer to join symphony lul
  11. I can see just fine during the night, it's darker like it's supposed to be at night, but I think the colors look great for a mmorpg like this. You can get items that light up around you during the night, or you can get a fairy later that does the same. They are in the game to lighten up nights. If they reduce brightness more the colors will look flat and it won't be immersive
  12. There's a bug with the camera aim motion when using the right stick to look around. It's often hitching instead of moving the camera around smoothly. its not framedrops, but feels more like the camera movement has lag spikes i have 4 xbox controllers and all have this on the xbox one x
  13. yes the camera aim movement need more optimization with the right thumb stick to become smoother
  14. Everyone is complaining about it But we still don't have the option to turn the screen shake down, or completely off. I don't mind a little bit of screen shake, but the amount of screen shake in beta makes people sick. We need more options to change shake effects and unneccessary clutter on the screen Give the players more customization, and you make them happy.
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