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  1. I've seen some poor examples of a bad winner, especially when it comes to larger guilds pushing a smaller guild around and then calling them out on server chat for being poor at the game. No need for that. In alphas defence I always found them to be friendly and good sports
  2. I can vouch, friendly guild well worth it if your looking for a more relaxed approach
  3. I'm on every night and ha e recently departed from another guild as they are top tier pvp focused so I fell behind in gear score and got booted ha I'd be interested in a more relaxed guild if you've still got the spots
  4. https://youtu.be/CGfKi6kpdTQ Beserker!!!!!!
  5. I tried "bungle" last night and it said it was not allowed, odd one to ban
  6. Yes I'm getting the same hit and miss response from the wheel as well
  7. Beta live and now's a good time to jump into an established guild. Alpha! Alpha! Alpha! Shout one of us in game, GT fructis.
  8. What size/type of display you using. I'm running on a 4k 65inch and have no issues with cut off??
  9. All getting set for some beta testing so jump in and join, no need to be a power leveller all are welcome
  10. Fructis


    Friendly bump from a fellow EU guild
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