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  1. Hi everyone 😀 like title says i cant log in with one of my 5 caracter. All other toon can log in and out but when i try to log in this one my xbox freeze automaticly right after the download screen..... Plz help that caracter is my main alt and main cook 😠
  2. I rly like the look of that new shudad armor on my zerk. It look a lot darker with no white stripe on the chest. I mix it with white hair etc it look rly nice
  3. Sorceress. I never played bdo and i know everybody say sorc is not for beginner player bit after looking a lot of video on all class gameplay sorc is the one i like the most. I hope i will not regret my choice 😀
  4. The item packages included in the bundles will only be sent to the server that corresponds to the region where the product is purchased. So if i buy pre-order package from Canada it mean that i will recive it only in the NA server ? Thats bad if i prefer to play on EU server 😕
  5. EU cause i will probably find more french player/guild in there 😁
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