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  1. How many Passive skills can have a guild?
  2. Suso90

    Quest options

    Profile +rb+rb+rb+rb Profile and in parchment drawing
  3. Suso90


    In the nodes we will have the description of the resources that you can obtain before paying
  4. Suso90

    House filter

    How can you move through the house filter? Is it a bug that does not stop or I can not?
  5. Suso90

    Awakening question in final product

    SEA https://www.sea.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice?boardType=2&searchType=&searchText=&Page=12 MENA https://www.tr.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice?boardType=2&searchType=&searchText=&Page=8 This may be a possible approximation
  6. Suso90

    Awakening question in final product

    Mediah - player after awakenings look update server SEA
  7. Suso90

    UK Preorder price change - UPDATED.

    Todavía es más barato que en otras regiones de EU como España 99,99 € = 87.58 libras esterlinas
  8. Suso90

    UK Preorder price change - UPDATED.

    Will the price change in all regions?
  9. Haha here there are people who want to put in their work resume that in black desert are the highest level and they were the best you have to be in life not in games or maybe play is your job. There are other things in the game that grind get wide knowledge of all new players need that time to learn the complexity of bdx you as pc players just wukeren the best for you to run at max level to have passives or active improve or max level that brand difference against the least levels having same equipment
  10. Do you think that the game has to be changed by 10 whiners coming from PC to be abusers and then stop playing like in the other versions? If they stop playing on PC it is because their accounts are not worth anything but they would not change platform for me as many are not solid arguments a greeting
  11. Suso90

    Simon answer please

    In Europe will you have a language other than English at the launch? If not, will they be implemented as in pc for example Spanish?
  12. Suso90

    News about other regions launch ?

    Simon said for now only NA and UE
  13. Suso90

    Release date!

    Rip BDX Rip CM Rip all PA Buy onother game is better
  14. Suso90

    Release date

    I think you confuse fortune people just ask for an answer to bdo 2018 or bdo rip 2018 I do not think it's too hard for PA
  15. Suso90

    News on Beta Keys!

    Solo cambia la region a Mexico y ya padras descargar la beta es solo para region NA