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  1. Hero4hire

    Want my $100 back

    That road map made me lose all faith in this company how do I get a refund???
  2. Hero4hire

    Roadmap of 1st Half 2019 Screenshot

    Are you @$%$#!ing kidding me....4 classes in 6 months...you realize that's what everyone is waiting for...everytime this amateur company makes an announcement I lose faith in this game and their competence to provide professional level service....you people are lucky to have a good product to lean on and dont have to worry how your gross mismanagement reflects your lack of experience in the real work world
  3. Hero4hire

    New Start Time

    This company seems full of people who are lucky to have their jobs
  4. From what I understand....with the value pack enabled I'll be able to invest in nodes that I did not visit the manager...my question is after the value pack expires do I maintain my investments??? Do I have to just visit the manager to pick up where I left off or do I have to start over??
  5. Hero4hire

    Stroker when?

    Stroker class is what the dev's been playing since beta
  6. Hero4hire

    Gifting/ refer a friend

    Any info about this option??? Is it available at launch?? Is there some way to gift or refer the pre order packages?? I know about the buy as gift option in the xbox store...as far as I know you get no in game bonus from doing that