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  1. Latest Alpha PVP video made by FANTOOO. Check out his youtube channel if you like the content! If you want to apply to Alpha (minimum 410+ gearscore), here's the discord link: https://discord.gg/Z68TUhw
  2. We did not remove you only due to this, there were several factors, one of them was that you were far behind everyone else on progress, went inactive from time to time, and also told us you would be even more inactive due to real life stuff in the time to come (which makes it even more difficult to catch up to the rest). There was another reason in regards to GVG fights and listening to calls, but I don't have to get into that here out of respect for you. It's a hardcore PVP guild like you said yourself, so of course we expect our members to be active and somewhat able to keep up, this was explained clearly when you joined (everyone should carry their own weight in Alpha). But we wish you the best, and hope your rl things got sorted nicely, as you seemed like a nice person What is your real guild? You sound more like a troll trying to hurt symphony tbh From our POV, Symphony officers already contacted us and asked us to retract war against them, and we answered them why it's still up for a little longer. If you're really saying Symphony is going to fight us on a t4, then we really hope so. We have been on t4's waiting all week Now for a little update: we currently have 7 free spots in <Alpha>, but they are limited to hardcore PVP players with minimum 400+ gearscore due to high demand and many incoming applications. If you have experience from BDO on PC, that's also a bonus (we have a huge amount of ex-pc players in the guild). Apply at our discord: https://discord.gg/Z68TUhw
  3. We have 6 free spots reserved for quality players with a winner skull and hardcore PVP mindset. lvl 56+ and 380+ gearscore only (exceptions can be made for ex-pc players who recently started on xbox, or if you recently rerolled to a different class). Discord is mandatory in Alpha, so we also require that you are active and check it frequently (this way our community remains active, helpful and strong during all hours) Apply at our discord: https://discord.gg/34uySEC
  4. Alpha won the first nodewar on EU today (tier 4 node) We are are still recruiting, and have several spots open for hardcore PVP players (7 free spots) Apply at our discord: https://discord.gg/34uySEC
  5. 4 spots open currently. Minimum lvl 55, and preferably +15 gear or more (although we value players with PC BDO experience highly, as well as hardcore mmo PVP players) Apply at: https://discord.gg/Z68TUhw
  6. We have opened up a couple spots! This means we currently have 6 limited free spots for hardcore players that are dedicated and really hungers for PVP and future sieges! Do you have a winner mentality and want to be part of the Alpha family? Apply at our discord: https://discord.gg/Z68TUhw
  7. We have been very clear about the rules of showing respect, as well as age restrictions to join, and I know our Alpha guild chat is very mature compared to other guilds I've been part of in the past. So may I ask what guild you are part of? And how do you know these people are *actually* part of Alpha, and not trolling based on server chat? We play the game ourselves, so we would see these things too. I'm not saying what you're telling isn't true, but you're not showing any screenshots or proof of what you come here to say.
  8. Here's a new video Vext made! Check it out (and feel free to subscribe to him if you like what you see!) Alpha still has LIMITED recruitment for exceptional active PvP players! Check out our discord to apply here: https://discord.gg/WgdGbGA
  9. I highly recommend this guild bump
  10. We have made some room, and we currently have around 9-10 spots free, but these are limited to highly active PvP focused players with a winner skull and dedication to improve. In return you will be awarded with a mature community where you can play with likeminded players, and where the goal is to stick out for each other and respect each other like brothers and sisters. If you think you have what it takes to join our <Alpha> family, you can apply in our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/KdpXpPj
  11. yeah this is a really annoying bug atm Game settings are not saved either, so everytime you restart game, you have to manually go back and change back every setting like audio, controls, ring menu, hotkeys, skill locks and what not..
  12. This GvG was a blast! And there will be many more like it to come! If you are PvP focused, with a winner mentality, and want to join us in epic castle sieges in the future, apply now while there are still some spots left! Apply at our discord channel: https://discord.gg/eqMu9m3
  13. Head on over to our <Alpha> discord channel and apply there mate: https://discord.gg/eqMu9m3 You look like a good fit for our guild
  14. We are starting to reach full capacity, with limited amounts of spots left! For this reason we are searching specifically for active PvP oriented players with a winner mentality that wants to join our family and reach the top in castle sieges, PvP and node wars! If you have experience from BDO on PC, or PvP in other MMOs, that will be beneficial You can apply to the guild in our <Alpha> discord channel here: https://discord.gg/Z68TUhw
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