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  1. Screen shake is obnoxious. It not being out at launch is really making me want to hold off on buying (Probably wont, because wow, the Anthem demo was underwhelming) graphical options are needed for performance. My old xbox is going to seize up in node wars. There is nothing more irritating for me in a PvP game than poor performance. I'm o.k. with getting outplayed, I can learn from that, but getting beat by lag isn't fun. I really hope they give us the tools to minimize issues potentially caused by the limited hardware. I'll dumb down graphics and effects in favor of a smooth gameplay experience.
  2. I'd play the beta, then cancel the pre-order after if I didn't like it. Done that on a few games.
  3. Skill tree like PC has is just a nice quality of life thing to have, so you can see your skills a bit clearer, but it's by no means necessary for launch. I don't believe the two can be compared. I think having a toggle for screen shake is 100% necessary. I know several people who didn't give the beta a chance, because the brightness, or shake messed with their eyes and gave them a headache. I don't want anymore delays either, but the removal of screen shake should be a top priority. That's a thing holding me back from pre-ordering. It made combat super annoying for me. It's so bad on some classes that I liked them less just based on the amount the screen would shake during their moves.
  4. I'm assuming market changes will come, because that is part of how the game functions in general (Even though they neglected turning off screen shake. Which should've been a super basic requirement) but Shadow Arena is content that'll come much later. A few classes that are in Shadow Arena on PC are not even going to be out for a while on Xbox.
  5. Yeah, I don't want to trash my eyes because I'm grinding for hours with screen shake on. Can't believe such a critical piece of feedback was neglected.
  6. Oh, I thought he just got confused and meant to say something else. Sweet! Now that I've done more research on the game I needed another hands on experience before committing to buying the game.
  7. Lean maybe, idk, but to sit on something its LB.
  8. If I remember correctly, you sheath your weapon and hold LB near a ledge and you'll sit. Then tap LB to cycle through the sitting poses.
  9. Our scraps for the month, yay!
  10. Best I can tell from the few images I could find was that they removed that little flap in the midsection. It's a small change, but a good improvement. Edit: Anyone, please feel free to correct me on anything I may of missed. I couldn't find many good images.
  11. Yup and I'm sure it's pretty much the same as PC. Just optimizations for the console and probably small corrections, like we saw with the shudad costume. I just personally don't love the aesthetic on a lot of female costumes, but doubt anything major will change.
  12. Elm

    Xbox one/S/X

    I was actually very surprised by the performance. I have one of the basic 500 gb Xbox ones and it ran very smooth. The Kzarka world boss had a few issues when it was confined to three servers, but spread out across all servers it went great. That and a small delay when coming out of menus were my only real performance problems in the beta. With that being said, I imagine the S and X will do well. Still a little nervous about large scale pvp, such as, node wars and sieges. I'm not sure how smooth that'll be.
  13. I'd be alright if they made the costumes less skanky, but sounds like it's just an optimization and content drip type deal.
  14. Hello there I'm planning to type up a Ranger skill build guide, if enough people are interested in a general starter for Ranger, I'll post it here. It should go without saying that it will be my opinion, so no reason to take it personally if you love dagger of protection, but I say to lock it. Also, let me know if you have any tips, or tricks for the class.
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