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  1. ummmmm........ you do.... "By reaching level 30 in the beta, you will be rewarded with a Calpheon Chubby Dog pet at launch (One pet per account)! "
  2. the point that YOU are very clearly missing is that it doesnt matter what kind of servers gta uses. it's solely the fact that it went through a generation transition.
  3. you're right about that. but also wrong about his statement not being true. there are games tht you can purchase through xbox store that will not gameshare regardless. bdx gonna be one of them.
  4. in the AMA Simon told us that the (home xbox) account that receives games will not get the pre order bonus or early access. i THINK the game should share but itd still be worth it to buy at least the $30 version as it gives you 24 hours and its real value is 60
  5. wagons are for trading, able to hold much more and move much quicker than carrying a pack, also, you cant ride a horse while carrying trade items, but wagons (blue merchant wagons) can be used to carry around 18 trade items versus the horses 4 total inv space
  6. actually... it comes out on the 4th and 3rd depending on where you live, i recommend buying the $30 version because you get it 24 hours earlier than the rest already putting you at an advantage
  7. i played a good 2 months into pc version not too long ago and felt really behind but i know a decent amount about the game itself, picking up on xbone and would love to be in a huge guild! gt is The Trashaolin
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