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  1. Faletheus

    The event times are confusing.

    I just feel like est players are getting the shaft on these event times and boss spawn times (not including field bosses cause those are "random")
  2. Faletheus

    Zharka New times?

    Bosses were manageable on the old timer... This new us timer... what the hell were they thinking
  3. Faletheus

    Heads Up to Devs/GMs

    .05%? where do you get these stats. Went out for a couple hours the other night to helms and brought back 10 Earrings and several Enchanted items....
  4. Faletheus

    Launch Day: Progression

    Zerker main. Will prolly rush through leveling and jump right onto lifeskills to develop a source of income quickly.
  5. Faletheus

    Your Last MMORPG?

    Aion. Played it solely for the pvp . There was this guild. Benny lava they ran the server and everyone was afraid of them. I however loved fighting them. It was always a challenge and the fights would last forever. Especially against their guild leader Naruto. Its been... man 10-12 years? before that was WoW. First High warlord rogue. fought along side the likes of joho. But no one prolly knows any of these names.
  6. Faletheus

    Why to chose Berserker ?

    I played a zerker in the brief time i spent on the pc. It was just a fun fast paced arse kicking time and that whats im looking forward too