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  1. Death

    How to Link Account for BETA Reward (?)

    Do we link our forum account?
  2. You can now either update or download the beta!
  3. If anyone is having trouble with the discord link , let me know and I will fix it ASAP
  4. Thanks! Good luck to you too.
  5. Here is our discord link!
  6. [NA] Sacred Souls is Recruiting! We're a guild who are looking to get together and play BDO. Teamwork is going to be very important in the guild. We are filled with new and knowledgeable players eager to dive into BDO. We are recruiting all new and veteran players. The end purpose of this guild is create a real family and eventually participate in major node and siege wars. Not looking for any drama just everyone getting better together and helping each other out. We will eventually be hosting dueling tournaments and the like. Let Sacred Souls be your first and last guild on BDO!
  7. Death

    Second beta confirmed?

    Looking forward to it! Definately sounded like a slip up. I wonder if its just one day and if we can preload it.