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  1. ☄ Sacred Souls, Calpheon-3 is recruiting! ☄ 🔥 Very active discord community 🔥 Weekly/Daily events, guild dueling tournaments, giveaways and more 🔥 Drama and toxicity free, zero tolerance for anything of the such 🔥 Core Node War is Mon with another floater (usually Friday) through out the week. Currently doing Node Wars nearly every day of the week. 🔥 Gear Score 460 Required, Seeking all classes and lvl 58 Currently we are sitting north of 70 members and looking to start to lock things down around 80. With that being said, we have room for mature, dedicated, drama free players that want to compete at a high level without the stress of a typical 'top rated' guild! Stop by our Discord, say hi, see if we are good fit for you! https://discord.gg/8XT4xEp
  2. Death

    Wiz/ witch buffs pve

    Wtffff. I dont get how dmg actually goes down with more ap. I thought it when ppl talked about ap scaling they meant your dmg barely increases but damn that is awful
  3. Death

    Used all my rng for this month lol

    Blue awakening has been harder to enhance for me than any boss piece
  4. You going for blue or green weapon?
  5. Death

    Zkarka is an abomination to this game

    Cause you have the Ap and the Accuracy to get more than 1 hunter seal. So that leaves two options either your rotation isn't up to par or the other people going there have more ap/acc or a kutum. If you believe your rotation is good then its probably the latter reason.
  6. Death

    Zkarka is an abomination to this game

    When you got your first box did you get a bunch of other items or just a hunter seal? You can get a box even if you hit the box a single time, its just a very low chance. Maybe your rotation isn't up to par or maybe kzarka has gotten more competitive
  7. Death

    Zkarka is an abomination to this game

    Whats your accuracy? I get top 20 damage at kutum on a Striker with less ap than you
  8. Still recruiting All classes currently
  9. Death

    Remove names and guild over character head

    You mean your own or others?