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  1. Death

    Any news on Class balance update?

    Yeah strikers are missing out on a lot of damage right now
  2. Death

    Any news on Class balance update?

    Grinding wise I can agree its far from the best, but in pvp that's where they shine
  3. Death

    WAR Glitched?!

    Thats how it works. Usually people drop decs if the other guild doesn't dec back, must be a toxic guild.
  4. Death

    Any news on Class balance update?

    Grinding is brutal on striker. Pvp is hella nice though.
  5. Death

    Any news on Class balance update?

    I think with awakenings ramgers and zerkers will fall off a little bit but otherwise be similar
  6. True other than bosses everything has been teased or streamed
  7. Awakening would be awesome but in last stream the way @CM Trent and cm shiirna talked it seemed like awakening was still in development. Shirna also said awakening isn't coming anytime soon. They could be lying though.
  8. Sacred Souls is looking for new members! we are looking for honest, positive, active gamers that are looking to participate in Node wars. Regular guild events Fair contract offers A fun, welcoming environment PvP focused with mix of PVE Active Discord server Our only requirements are GS 350+ or 325+ if you are Wiz/Witch and to be active on discord and the game. If you are looking for a large guild that promotes a positive atmosphere, activity and supportive guild-mates helping one another, then Sacred Souls is for you. Join our discord or reply on here and I'll answer any questions you have!! You can join our discord to learn more about the guild https://discord.gg/8XT4xEp
  9. Death

    [NA] 57, 396 GS Ranger LF Guild

    https://discord.gg/MmjceFN Hey Sacred Souls is Recruiting players interested in PVP and Node Wars Our Reqs are a 350 GS and to be active on both the game and discord. Hop into to discord and ask any questions to see if we're the right fit for you.
  10. Hmm thats even more buggy, considering it was greyed out. You should hit up support and see what they say after checking the logs
  11. Yes it would. He fails and then succeeds
  12. Death

    To flow or not to flow?

    I feel deathstrike after crimson fang is a must have skill for its huge debuff. Also if you have extra SP you can level triple kick to 4 for the AP buff
  13. Yes it consumed two of your stones It first failed and went pri then automatically enhanced again and went duo using up your failstack. I have a guildmate. who had the exact same problem. Now on only enhance if you have 1 stone in inventory