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  1. There were the kids asking for this on pc and it never happened you can always wait
  2. Goku

    Level 61!

    It's broly of the alpha guilds am lvl 60 at 60% but I stopped the game for 2 weeks it's quite possible to reach 61 if you farmer a lot
  3. I have 900 rhum and I use them as soon as I can. i farm at sausan
  4. it's a child he spam in all topics
  5. Overpowered pre awakening class incoming yeah ........
  6. That's never going to happen. Cron stones via costumes make them a lot of money.
  7. thanks confirm that you are a child her last time I answer you
  8. or did you see that I asked to have everything you're a kid? there's no date in their road map I'm just asking awakened to come before or at the same time why rage about it?
  9. I don't give a **** what you think of me. excuse me for asking for something logical......
  10. with awakening you have the weapons to kill any class even if there is imbalance what you are talking about lol? and even they have the possibility to make it less painful but you prefer to see classes being destroyed and just put up with it? you probably play dark knight striker or lahn I suposse?
  11. And ? It has never been said that classes would come out before awakening or vice versa but logically awakening should come out before for class balancing.......
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