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  1. We are actively recruiting Witch/Wizard, Berserkers, Warriors, and Rangers. Looking for level 57+ with 400 gearscore and who can attend nodewars twice a week. Message me directly or reply here to schedule a pvp duel. We require you to be able to listen in discord at the very least.
  2. Bump node wars are starting in a few days.
  3. We are still looking to fill our last spots. Currently recruiting level 57s who want to participate in node wars and world pvp.
  4. After you level up repost and I'll grab you both.
  5. Messages sent. Berserker class recruitment is now closed. We are not accepting Berserkers at this time.
  6. We just cleaned up our roster and we have 30 spots available for active level 56+s. We're still accepting all classes and our average member pay is 120k a day (240k soon). We have over 100 guild levels and +5ap, +3gather, +2 fishing etc. Our daily pay will only increase and we are all in it together rather than just a select few being payed while others bust their ass. You can add me in game on valencia 1 my character name is railz or reply here.
  7. Check your messages we have a few spots left level 55+ preferred will make exceptions for 53+.
  8. I have a +8 130 durability rod but it is not repairable past 100 with memory frags nor rods.
  9. Messaged all you guys. Last spots are filling up 100ap/125dp lvl 55 requirement is in effect.