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  1. Beta 2 recap - majority of our members hit level 40 early Thursday morning. We spent Thursday and Friday gearing up. Our gear was mostly +10/+10 weapons +7 armor by end of Friday. Saturday and Sunday we ran small groups in S.Shrine. The highlight of beta for us was competing with and against each other in large RBFs. On Sunday we placed our fort strategically in a region that already had forts placed to ensure we would get a fight. Unfortunately due to server issues only 4 of our members out of 45 were able to connect to Balenos1 to join the node war. We knew the servers were having issues and we joined bal 1 at the beginning of the day. The server was reset in an attempt to allow more people to connect to bal 1. This was a fail and after reset we had 4 people able to connect. At this point I made the call to have everybody join RBF so we could end out the beta with some competitive pvp. Beta node wars were not working as intended and I doubt any guild was able to participate with the majority of their force. Our guild did not take advantage of any of the available exploits during the beta.
  2. The screen shake is still game breaking and I'll hold off on buying pearls until an option is added to turn it off completely.
  3. RaiLz

    Can we get pen please

    Join Beond and his zerg lol.
  4. Awesome glad to have you I'll message you our discord and tag you in game.
  5. Bump join us for today's node war add your gamer tag for an invite.
  6. RaiLz

    Xbox one x 60 fps?

    What's a computer??
  7. RaiLz

    PC player looking for NA guild.

    If you're going all out on xbox <ShieldWall> would love to have you.
  8. We're looking for people that plan to reach level cap and participate in sieges during beta 2. If this is your plan and you want to join <ShieldWall> then welcome! Msg me for discord access.
  9. RaiLz

    Final BETA Stat Challenge

    How about total skill points on a single character?
  10. I actuary already removed everything besides bdo pre load... Path of exile, ESO, fortnite, pubg, tera, neverwinter, sea of thieves & rocket league.
  11. If you're planning to rush during second beta and launch we want you in <Shield Wall>
  12. RaiLz

    Final BETA Stat Challenge

    Let's do this.