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  1. Things should most definatly be different from PC. A controller does not allow anywhere near the same response as a mouse. It makes perfect sense to me that class balance should be a little different between the two. Classes that depend on mobility have nowhere near the same viability with slow clunky controls.
  2. I agree with you all. But with awakening being so guarded on release date. I feel like we are getting shafted as lahns. Stuck with be worthless until awakening. Does not make sense to me.
  3. My opinion is that the damage is way too low for pvp especially. A sorc with half my gear hardly took damage from me. Anyone else have an honest opinion on this?
  4. We are looking for dedicated members willing to work hard and compete with top tier guilds. Filling fast with limited slots. Message GT spuzzmuffin for interview. Hope to see you all on the battlefield
  5. Looking for active players for pvp, nodewars, group progression. Currently 25+ members and very active and helpful players. Message GT spuzzmuffin for more info. Ign is Ryder behemoth.
  6. Just wondering when the roadmap will be released. Really wanting info on what regions will be available at launch. I hope more then balenos and serendia.
  7. Where is the stream i cant find it.
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