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  1. is there a Reddit for the Xbox version for bdo
  2. here is the discord link https://discord.gg/ect5ME6 and what is ur gt so i will invite you to xbox club
  3. we have 1 xbox club right now as we don't know if there is going to be different servers but we do have a discord just in case ^^ (https://discord.gg/RxCkeEG)
  4. sorry for the late reply, for in-game events we will have to see when they decide to do them, for events that we will hold I will see if when the best time is for people participating most likely on the weekends. I have recommended you to the Xbox club, remember we have a discord for EU (https://discord.gg/RxCkeEG)
  5. I have fixed the link for discord ty and I will invite you to the Xbox club
  6. I have fixed the link for discord ty and I will invite you to the Xbox club
  7. The Blood Legion Guild is now recruiting, I am the EU leader. This is aimed towards the EU region, we are a hardcore PvP guild but also do other activities. At the moment we will be recruiting in mass, but once we have a full roster and find out who is serious about progressing and who is not then we will start replacing members, fear not though we will also have a casual guild for you to join. Our bulk force is NA, but we do have an EU branch which Rather_large_raccoon will be the GM for, we have experience on the PC version and plan to dominate this game on console. If you're interested in joining leave your gamer tag here and I will get back to you We are going to be mainly PvP focused guild for guild wars and PvP tournaments, but still will be active in every aspect of the game. We do have a club on the Xbox right now so I will send you an invite to that. Please state if you're NA or EU. Make sure to let us know what class you will be focusing on. Guild Perks! Daily Payouts - Every member will have a guild contract and be paid daily, depending on your contribution you could be paid more! Vast Knowledge - Many of us have been playing on PC and know much of this game to get ahead early! Never Be Alone - We have many member if you ever find yourself getting harassed by another player call us and we will be there or if you're just bored and want to explore or level with each other! Guild Wars - Join in huge guild battles to dominate the regions in the game and get paid in coin for your victory! 1v1 Tournaments - Come and improve your solo PvP skills in our guild held tournaments with prizes! XvX Tournaments - We will also be doing 2v2, 3v3, and many other tournaments held in the guild with prizes! Discord/Xbox Club - We have our own discord channel (Blood legion EU, Link: https://discord.gg/ect5ME6) and Xbox club for on point communication! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My gamer tag is T3 disease IF SERVERS ARE SEPARATE Founder and NA Guild Leader: Beond EU Guild Leader:Rather_large_raccoon
  8. when we find out if there is different servers we will sort out discord and anything else, that will help us stay connected.
  9. gt T3disease cant wait for this game to come out on console I am getting an xbox one x just for it
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