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  1. Pleeeaase Sir. Tell me that there will be pearl TENT in this update.
  2. Rapucapu

    Reward for RBF

    Hello. When we will got silver for RBF ? In pc after match u recive in mail some silver depend of win/lose and gear score.
  3. Rapucapu

    Bring PVP for Levels below 49

    Or meaby area lvl restrictions?
  4. Rapucapu

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    Wow so many multiaccounts here.
  5. Rapucapu

    "Stormtrooper" Title is broken

    How many kills u have to do for stormtrooper title?
  6. Rapucapu

    Fixing Open World PvP for Xbox

    Got bettet idea! Remove karma system then we can wipe losers at spots.
  7. Rapucapu

    When we getting new classes

    Dead braingel please go away dont come back...
  8. Rapucapu

    Trade quests gone?

    Sry for off top but, when pearls tents?^^
  9. Rapucapu

    Lost 100 fs today on accident

    Well u shouldn't enchant this bow even to safe +7 on those stacks. Thats only your problem. Blame support now that cant give them back to you is sick.
  10. Rapucapu


    Damn looks like fake but its phone picture. Cant belive that luck and 20k euro spend on pearls...
  11. Rapucapu

    Ssd disc

    Do any one use ssd for bdx ? Its better than normal hdd? Do game load faster ?
  12. Rapucapu

    Villas, tent.

    Any idea when we can get villas and tents? How u bet ? Beforc awakening, with them or after ? Would be nice to keep myself on spot in desert.
  13. Rapucapu

    This game is massively pay to win!

    I saw u are multicomplain about the game. Just go away and dont come back. Its not game for u.
  14. Rapucapu

    Awakening Date

    Waiting for villas and p2w tent aswell.