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  1. Rapucapu

    what are you FS on?

    Independ how angry im atm. Usually from 10 for duo stop on 30 and 30 for tri up to 50 and leave it for tets later or some gold accesorry TRI.
  2. Rapucapu

    Ghillie Suit Is Pay To Win!!!

    Damn man you are so salty boy. Probably some one wipe you on the floor coz u suck... learn to play and calm down. If its not gona help u then change game.
  3. Huandra and Raven griefers
  4. Hello there. Mainly its question to cm, gm. Would be possibility to change pre order outfit from one character to second one? Already open on wiz this classsic one didint know about this limited. Well i would like to swap them.
  5. Rapucapu

    Withdrawal from rental storage.

    Hi. As on topic, you can put items in rent storage (in residence) but cannot take them out from it.
  6. Rapucapu

    PVP is bugged

    Humm.. LT and left arrow. I think u activade pvp mode by this combination. Im not sure 100% ^^.
  7. Rapucapu


    Super gildia, swietna atmosfera! Serdecznie zapraszam ;))
  8. Hello guys. Well i notice that im playing on NA server. Do i will got pet for beta on EU server as a gift when i will play NA beta server ?:^
  9. Rapucapu

    BETA - with client.

    Hello. Can i log in game by my Pre-order client or i have to download a Black desert (Beta) client ?
  10. Rapucapu

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    can delate post
  11. Rapucapu

    Pre order w/o xbox

    Thanks guys. Topic can be closed.
  12. Rapucapu

    Pre order w/o xbox

    Well i got another question. Im living now in UK, probably gona move back to PL this year and take my stuff with me. It will affect anyhow for moving my x and account to other country?
  13. Rapucapu

    Pre order w/o xbox

    Hello. Question is do i can pre order game without xbox ? Im planing to buy x later on and pre order game now.
  14. Rapucapu

    What Server Are you playing on

    What about ping on NA when u are EU its will be unplayable.