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  1. Cant wait t9, caphras and manos ;^ would be nice to do barter aswell 😭😭
  2. Well for me and whole of my guildmates new UI is much better than older. What u need is use to a bit.
  3. @Deathz Angel would be better for every one if u wuit this game and forum. I saw that u complain about bdo few months. Why u are still here if its so annoying for u?
  4. Rapucapu


    If there will be same rewards as pc got for rbfs probably will be more ppl going for it. Rbf is empty nearly all the time.
  5. Rapucapu


    @CM_Valtarra Hi. Finally got chance. When u planing to put silver rewards for rbfs ?
  6. Chars with completed awakening can do quest for dark rifts. I dont remember name of q but its some like [awakening memories].
  7. I just dont understand for all that cry? If u wanna quit then just do it. Whats that? Idk u think some one gona stop u? Or devs gona read this topic and "ohh this fella hurts lets change all that system for him". Bye and hope ppl like u will never back to this game.
  8. When we will got reward silver for rbfs?
  9. Yoo. Would be nice if u hater love off somewhere. If u complains so much why u even play or damn do so stupid **** storm or forum.
  10. Well probably sicil neck, centaur belt, cadry rings, and earrings from reapetable quest for evasion on witches (i dont remember name of it).
  11. Pleeeaase Sir. Tell me that there will be pearl TENT in this update.
  12. Hello. When we will got silver for RBF ? In pc after match u recive in mail some silver depend of win/lose and gear score.
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