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  1. Hello guys. Well i notice that im playing on NA server. Do i will got pet for beta on EU server as a gift when i will play NA beta server ?:^
  2. Rapucapu

    BETA - with client.

    Hello. Can i log in game by my Pre-order client or i have to download a Black desert (Beta) client ?
  3. Rapucapu

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    can delate post
  4. Rapucapu

    Pre order w/o xbox

    Thanks guys. Topic can be closed.
  5. Rapucapu

    Pre order w/o xbox

    Well i got another question. Im living now in UK, probably gona move back to PL this year and take my stuff with me. It will affect anyhow for moving my x and account to other country?
  6. Rapucapu

    Pre order w/o xbox

    Hello. Question is do i can pre order game without xbox ? Im planing to buy x later on and pre order game now.
  7. Rapucapu

    What Server Are you playing on

    What about ping on NA when u are EU its will be unplayable.