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  1. LofiVibes

    Banned Names for Family or Character

    On pc coral is still blocked from chat and name due to oral its kinda funny. But the others are a little overboard.
  2. LofiVibes

    New Release Date Times

    im gonna guess it will be like pc a 10,25 and 50$ pack but thats just my guess.
  3. LofiVibes


    I don't know man bless unlimited is coming this summer bdo may have something to worry about. lol
  4. LofiVibes

    Exploits Going Forward

    Well at least there gonna be patched now for release right? RIGHT??? I knew alot of people using the bug where a few popular streamers/community members while some said yea its a bug and stopped a few kept using it. But i mean beta is over it was ment to test things which got done. No harm no foul at this point as long as its not there on release.
  5. I played the beta found out i really like the controls so hands down the $100 package
  6. LofiVibes

    Exploits Going Forward

    well at least when the game go's live to buy all those outfits you need to spend real money so there's that. it was 2.5 mil ouch had no idea it was that bad. I forgot all about the pulling +7 and +5 outta thin air.
  7. LofiVibes

    Weapon and Armour

    you can respec when ever you want if i recall correctly
  8. LofiVibes


    oooo boy do i got some news for you one of the richest most geared bdo players is coming over to xbox for the soul purpose of making huge profit on the new market and seeing what he can get away with. They boast that they got a 2 year warranty on there xbox and plan on keeping it on 24/7.
  9. LofiVibes

    Exploits Going Forward

    what was the exploit? since its fixed now id like to know.
  10. LofiVibes

    Exploits Going Forward

    No idea that was the only "exploit" i heard people having an issue with if there was another one that was a big as people are making it out to be then i guess the people doing it kept it under wraps really well.
  11. LofiVibes

    Now what...?

    Playing bdo on pc reworking my worker nodes so i can make what i want with as little cp as possibly when xbox comes out. Then ill also be playing random stuff like cattails and west of loathing.
  12. LofiVibes

    Weapon and Armour

    On skill points you can get unlimited skill points but there is a soft cap at 500 points. After 500 its is super super slow gainning points. As for armor for zerker i liked taritas armor 3 pieces give accuracy. Weapons tho im not too sure the highest ap giving weapon will be yuria that you get from later areas. Elish weapons while having a little less ap gives a good amount of accuracy which is super important.
  13. LofiVibes

    Exploits Going Forward

    just curios is the exploit your talking about the pet food thing? buy it from the stable vendor sell it on AH for like 250k or something?
  14. LofiVibes

    Beta Feedback thread.

    They need to address that some skills don't seem to work any skill that you need to use left stick back + RT etc i cant do absolute darkness or black wave.
  15. LofiVibes

    Some skills cant be used

    Any skill that shares holding left stick back while hitting another button seems broken as i cant use it even if i lock the skills it keeps using. Such as the sorcs black wave and absolute darkness.