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  1. Iv been making a killing farming rainbow stone and can easily server hop to get each node also it will help with people ganking streamers.
  2. LofiVibes

    Workers crafting

    Is there any way to tell a worker to craft items more then once each time? Making like 50 iron ingots 1 at a time is gonna be a pain.
  3. LofiVibes

    We Are Live!

    im stuck on 99%
  4. LofiVibes

    Here We Go!

    See you on the other side people
  5. LofiVibes

    What Can You Trade/Sell to Other Players?

    Fixed it
  6. LofiVibes

    What Can You Trade/Sell to Other Players?

    Some food and potions but thats about it. Anything other is though the market. Also you cant trade silver. I ment cant whoops
  7. Thanks guy its awesome we get 2!
  8. LofiVibes

    Launch Plan?

    Ill be questing like hell for all that sweet sweet cp so i can buy a TON of farming fence's. After that starting my node empire honestly gear is like 4th on my list of to do.
  9. LofiVibes

    Pet Question: Pets From In-Game?

    sadly where not getting that world boss anytime soon
  10. LofiVibes

    Pet Question: Pets From In-Game?

    That would be nice the event pets have been a kuku brid and a penguin. There pretty cool!
  11. LofiVibes

    Pet Question: Pets From In-Game?

    Yea ever now and then events happen and you can get pets from that. Tho they do not happen often.
  12. LofiVibes

    The game has Open World pvp

    Not trying to have it come out that way just a heads up in case some people did not know since it was not in the beta. I am not the biggest fan of open world pvp but i like it in bdo. adds a nice suspense.
  13. Just a heads up anyone who don't know after lvl50 you can get attacked by other lvl50 and up players just about everywhere but towns.
  14. LofiVibes

    About Lahn's Awakening Lore...

    In a game where at almost any time we can kill each other just for grinding in a spot i don't really think morals matter. As interesting as the lore is on a simple note it do's not matter in the slightest.