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  1. u should get ur facts right mate. I intend to do much more than 30 total cooks and even if not time saved is time saved and as Grammaticus mentioned, any extra energy is gonna help in the beginning to get everything set up and i am more interested in the 20% dropchance to get some extra money
  2. Just hoped @[CM]Shirna would maybe be so kind as to share some insight on this, since he answered some questions earlier
  3. Just curious what state the Pearl Shop will be in at launch. I Read somewhere most costumes will be released down the line, because they have to be adjusted, but: 1. Is there any priority on what comes first? Like Cooking/alchemy cloths? 2. Will things like lootscrolls or Kamasylvia Blessing be available? 3. Or some of the Rookie packages available on the PC, which contain combination of things that are useful to get started?
  4. U can invest without being at the nodemanager, but u still have to discover it first. Also it cost energy to do it from a distance. U keep ur node investement, the valuepack only has the advantage that u dont have to run to every node whenever u want to change ur setup
  5. Chapstar


    still nothing 😥 why not jsut clip it on twitch next time?
  6. So in the middle of the night for EU T.T alright, thanks
  7. Hey everyone! I didnt get the chance to play in the beta so far so i have a few questions: 1. How long before can i dowload the game? 2. Do i have to preorder the game in order to participate in the beta or can i wait with deciding which pack i will take?
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