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  1. How Likeskill helps to earn money? no one buying item u craft except at low price...
  2. fishing now not Worth the time u invest, except for relic shards the fish i caught i processing it and use it for make pet food or general cooking recipe. Right now i dont know which crafting skill is usefull for make some money.
  3. just buy game from US or EU Microsoft store then play in which server u want to play (EU or NA). There is no region restricted. U can buy the Key from other store, or with GIFT CARD from Microsoft store
  4. Old Lady in calpheon is MIA too i thing
  5. u need to buy from merchant inside INN 1)Raw Sugar and mineral water, heating them until u have 6-7 lamp of sugar (or something like that) 2)buy rope from stable master 3)go to wild horse equip rope press RB then when horse is crazy push A then B (to much time) when horse calm down run toward him and when u are in front of it PUSH Y (use item) and give 5-6 lamp of sugar...congratulation ^^
  6. Hello guys, someone can help me to choose better armor and weap for bers? For now i have full agerian set and blu weap (basteer or similar name that give me the quest at lvl around 35) Someone can help me? thx ^^
  7. Any news on Fix? We still get pet when u fix the issue?
  8. oh that is good probably is the best configuration as u say
  9. Hello guys, does anyone have the elite controller and want to share his configuration? I Bought it now and im just curious how to use it for max potential ^^ Thx.
  10. Ciao 4mist, se tutto va bene inizio il 1 marzo e volevo proprio trovarmi una gilda ITA (in beta ho giocato poco quindi non ho chiesto se ci fossero italiani o meno) Al 99% farò Berserk . Il mio Nick su xbox one è : Blakyz Ci aggiorniamo a breve come riesco ad aggiungerti tra gli amici!
  11. thx a lot for answer, for skill point is possible to respec? or i have to choose carefully from the beginning?
  12. Hello, i really enjoyed playing Berz in beta (im new player) i just have 2 quick question. 1)Which armor i have to upgrade from beginning? 2)Which Weapon i have to upgrade from beginning? 3)I can train all skill or there is CAP in skill point? if there is Skill Cap someone can tell me which one is good and which one is not? Thx a lot !
  13. Are u sure on a preorder page is write this IMPORTANT: The item packages included in the bundles will only be sent to the server that corresponds to the region where the product is purchased.
  14. Hello if i buy game on turkish store i was able to play and redeem item on EU server? The a lot
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