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  1. So in two days the ‘hammer time’ policy goes into effect. What if we don’t agree to the new policy? Article Your news articles states... If you have any objections to the aforementioned changes, please inform us of your refusal to agree to the revised operational policy. ..and what happens when we inform you of a refusal to agree? Partial or Full refund? I wonder how this is handled with PA.
  2. You mean on PC? Yea...this isn’t the PC forum. So honestly, no one cares about 2017 PC on a console forum. Here, case you got lost... https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?categories/general-discussion.7/
  3. Respect the stream efforts. However, this just makes new players shy away from the game. No one who wants to advance their character in a game would watch this and think ‘what a great system’. Complete garbage enhancement system. Shallow game with limited gear options so it resorts to this enhancement system.
  4. I do make suggestions on this forum. But when i put effort into the idea and they are disregarded by a limited knowledge CM, it gets kinda comical the direction this game is going. Not that you care...but here, remember this suggestion? Or how about this one? Because we blindly get whats on PC and that’s it, any suggestions that would benefit console’s limited power also get no traction... I have more from beta I posted, but it’s fine. This game will have it’s place on console with a small community for a MMO.
  5. So what’s your point? You offered no constructive feedback on my OP. Read it. Read the new policies. Then simply reply with... - Choice A, B, or C...or rebuttal and.. - Explain to me why PA switched policies 2 months after the game’s launch. - Explain to me why the game is going into the bargain bin 2 months after launch. So I provided a question and a series of viewpoints. Yet you idiots instantly go into turtle mode and blindly defend your precious game. And instantly I got attacked. It’s classic how easy it is to get you sheep all flustered.
  6. This guy gets it. Well said. Shallow game. Missed opportunities.
  7. - BDX going to Game Pass, which cost $1 for 3 months right now. - PA tossing 20% off the game to get sales off of Game Pass subscribers who don’t resub - Games go to Game Pass for different reasons. BDX is going there for lack of sales, cause they aren’t hitting their numbers. Greedy numbers they are.
  8. Crackdown 3 = MS first party. Like SoT. Like SoD. They get in at release because of MS strategic business decisions. Black Desert certainly isn’t a model citizen.
  9. Yea yea, ‘and this is my first post’. Whatever scrub. We already seen people making alt forum accounts so they can hide. You will be exposed.
  10. Man...did you see my thread got a ‘hot’ badge. Never seen that. I always bring out the best in this forum. Love me for that.
  11. Keep putting up that facade. BS. I can pull post from beta where you were more than eager to post all the **** you bought on the PC cash shop and all the accolades you earned in the PC version of this game. The one post I remember, you listed like 30 items just to show off? I have no clue what the purpose was other than to make yourself feel important. Every followup post in beta, you never could just answer without boasting your elitest status on PC. Then you were not shy on saying how you were gonna spend on BDX. Of course you will blindly support the only game you play, period. What i really want to know with my original post before i was judged, is, what triggered the policy change and why the move to Game Pass? You don’t just decide to move to Game Pass, it’s a invitation based on factors with how your game is doing. Look at the games on Game Pass that aren’t MS first party. It tells you something.
  12. Just cause you no life the game on PC and now on Xbox, doesn’t mean the BDX is doing well. Policy changes after launch is always a reaction to something major. Maybe go outside once in awhile, learn some RL **** and not live in BDO. I don’t give a **** about this game like you do. I play it once in awhile, then move on to games that have more depth and better character development. It’s kinda sad how much you no-life this game, but..meh...you may think ppl care about your ‘status’ in this game, but really...it’s all in your head.
  13. After all the complaints through MS support on the dumpster fire racist chat? After the numerous refund requests? Still going to Game Pass... Link The only way I see MS allowing this cash grab game onto Game Pass is either... A) MS had a sit down with PA and said change your **** else we pull the game till you do fix it. PA conformed and changed policies out of the blue(d day is coming for some, read it) PA added chat filters in the next available patch after the policy change announcement PA begged MS to add the game to game pass if they made the changes required, MS agreed. B) or...the game has low pop and needs more players to sustain the current amount of servers C) PA dropped 100 mill into MS account so that PA can prey on the Game Pass plebs for their $$ Likely A and B
  14. Late reply. No rubberbanding. No play dough textures, no load in pops. Network is hardwired. Not a issue cause i have monitors on netcards. just stutters
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