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  1. Err...hmm. i was NOT over 50 when Mediah released. Cause i remember i was ‘painting’ the edges of the entire, playable, map the night before Mediah released and was thinking I will try to run all Mediah edges after it releases. Knowing i was under geared and lower level for Mediah. When I google this, numerous results come up...but most end up with either ‘gave up, game quests are broken’ from 2016 or ‘stand in this spot in Calpheon and magically fhe BS will give the quest’...never works.
  2. Are you able to readh out to GMs in game? Like in WoW...least in the first few years, you could request a GM and you would get queued for assistance. Then they would whisper you. It might be easier then swapping Support Tickets.
  3. Cmon man. I’m lvl 56, done with Mediah, donw all the [Co-op] Ogre, Giant, blah blah. I even have my Abysmal Weapon which deep into Altonova questline. my Black Spirit only offers me Special I amd Special II quests. Grats to you for finishing them, but this has been a issue for many players back on PC. Just google it.
  4. Ok, so after two support tickets, I still do not have my initial question answered. If the Black Spirit will not trigger these quests? How am I supposed to get the quest? I have repeatedly stated in the 2 support tickets, very simply: THE BLACK SPIRIT IS NOT PROVIDING ME WITH THE QUEST CHAINS On 4/5 after exhausting my efforts looking for these quests, I submitted my first Support Ticket On 4/7 I received a reply that I wasn’t done with World of Enemies #6:. That was Wrong. On 4/7 I replied back with another Support Ticket asking support to look at my completed quest history (since we cannot) On 4/11 Support confirmed i was indeed done with World of Enemies #6. Then went on to tell me I needed to finish ‘A Familiar Aura’. /facepalm And......so....the quest A Familiar Aura is a Black Spirit quest. HOW DO I TRIGGER THE BLACK SPIRIT TO GIVE ME THIS QUEST??? It great that you contimie to throw quests at me, incorrectly stating I haven’t finished one to go on and state I need to finish another one yet you should know I have no way of triggering the Black Spirit to give me the quest. This is the quest line LINK - I’ve tried Southern Calpheon, pull up Black Spirit...nothing. - I went to Behr, Catfishman Camp, Mansha Forest...did all the dailies just to try and trigger the Black Spirit...nothing, Waited 7 days for support to try and progress this DIM Secondary upgrade, kinda done with submitting support tickets to only get told incorrect quests and not the actual solution. @[GM]Olvia @[GM]Keplan @[CM]Shirna @[CM] Serena Greetings Adventurer, This is GM Olvia from Black Desert Xbox Team. It is my pleasure to assist you today. I have checked your character and confirmed that you already have finished the World of Enemies #6: Hexe Sanctuary Skeletons. I also noticed that you haven't finished the [Boss] Witch hunting which is one of the requirements to accept the quest to upgrade your Dim Magical Dagger. You need to finish the questline A Familiar Aura to get the quest [Boss] Witch hunting. I hope this information helps and if you have other questions or concerns, contact us again. Regards,
  5. Wizard spells on Kzarka? Yea...mine seem to pass right through him. When i shoot closer to the floor where he is, seems to connect. No headshots work here.
  6. How did the server tell you the world boss spawned? You have to have chat up?
  7. And your feathers get so ruffled by being called a ‘tough guy’. Really? Stop throwing around ‘toxic’, it gets watered down when you don’t know how to use the word. ‘Crying after the consequences’....tough guy.
  8. Someone post the stats you have for a PEN?
  9. No. Read the patch notes. The weakened are a trade-in path. You don’t need the weakened version for enchanting, but can use the, if you want to collect them as mats for the enchant. We have also added the Asula’s Weakened Magic Accessory which you can use to trade for the Asula’s Crimson Eye accessories Asula's Weakened Magic Accessory can be used for Asula's Crimson Eye Accessory enhancement material. Ok...it was a question, not a statement. i will update Op.
  10. It’s microscopic. Look at the top of the node triangle on the map. Zoom in and you will see the numder in a circle. When you lvl the node, the circle edge will fill like a progress bar.
  11. Treant Forest (Kill Old and Twin Treants).
  12. Wasn’t some 1000% XP binus for nee classes supposed to got live today after maintenance? I’m not seeing it pointed out in the updated news. https://xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=547&category=3
  13. Whoa, whoa....whoa! I sincerely hope everything works itself out. Thoughts and prayers man. Game will be here when your get back. Someone once said (maybe it was you?) ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint” Take care of your family. Keep that super positive energy you bring here, and use it for good there! It makes a difference man, it makes a difference...
  14. They are shown on the map, i’ve never seen them this prominent in game. Kinda breaks immersion to see a NPC lookin like a Satellite.
  15. LoL...it’s not your GS, calm down there captain.
  16. I may have noticed something. Did you run multiple alts? Questing each? I notice this game keeps quests that are from my high level character on my low level character’s quest log. How does that make sense? My level 10 can’t got kill 100 mobs at Helms.
  17. Whats this Legion? Satellite beams? ...and where the hell you been btw? 🤔
  18. All i gotta say is that i see a lot of typical PK puss in this game. You are a PK puss if you .. - Wait to make sure your target has a full pull of mobs before you jump them - Prey on clear AFK runners, riders, or trainers Grow a sack and tap a guy on the shoulder, then knock the batteries off
  19. “This update will also allow you to enhance the Asula’s Crimson Eye Accessory set. Enhancing Asula’s accessories is similar to enhancing other accessory sets, in that you need two of the same item in order to attempt enhancing them. If the enhancement fails, the items will be destroyed.” So just to be clear... - We can now enhance the Asula Rings, Earrings, and necklace - You need two of the same type of item to attempt an enhance with the BS. (Ie two rings or two necklaces or two earrings) - You can enhance to +5 on any Asula accessory (PEN) - If the upgrade fails, tou lose both Asula items and have to start over. So if you pushed a Asula Ring to TET, it can be destroyed on a enhance attampt to PEN. This sound about right? (will save my opinions on this silly enhancement system for another day)
  20. Reduce screen clutter and move the buffs to below fhe Action Bar at the bottom of the screen.
  21. Oh...i got a hold of a sheriff..I’m sure he will find the DIM Armor
  22. Can I ask what you recommend as a alternative secondary dagger with AP and DP? That maybe isn’t too RNG to obtain?
  23. Well...i can’t even get the Black Spirit quest for the DIm secondary weapons upgrades. Tried everything, even have multiple green DIM Magical Daggers on the same Wizard and can’t get the Black Spirit to trigger the upgrade quests. Submitted a support ticket, they replied I needed to do prerequisite, World of Enemies #6: Hexe yet I am already through ALL World Enemies quests, all Mediah quests, and completed the [co-op] Giants quest which is much further than Hexe. So i replied asking them to look at my finished quests and tell me how to get World of Enemies #6: Hexe. It’s not possible if the Black Spirit won’t give it to you anymore. Gimped Wizard secondary, no DIM Armor...yet, hey lets add Asulas upgrades... ...btw...i’ll contact the Sheriff now...
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