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    New Quest amount limit?

    I may have noticed something. Did you run multiple alts? Questing each? I notice this game keeps quests that are from my high level character on my low level character’s quest log. How does that make sense? My level 10 can’t got kill 100 mobs at Helms.
  2. Uberkull

    How’s the New Update?

    Whats this Legion? Satellite beams? ...and where the hell you been btw? 🤔
  3. Uberkull

    Asula Upgrades - Understanding

    Whaaa? Damn...I will pass.
  4. Uberkull

    PKing is so stupid in this game

    All i gotta say is that i see a lot of typical PK puss in this game. You are a PK puss if you .. - Wait to make sure your target has a full pull of mobs before you jump them - Prey on clear AFK runners, riders, or trainers Grow a sack and tap a guy on the shoulder, then knock the batteries off
  5. Uberkull

    Stamina bar covered by buffs

    Reduce screen clutter and move the buffs to below fhe Action Bar at the bottom of the screen.
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    Week 3.. dim armor still mia

    Oh...i got a hold of a sheriff..I’m sure he will find the DIM Armor
  7. Uberkull

    Week 3.. dim armor still mia

    Can I ask what you recommend as a alternative secondary dagger with AP and DP? That maybe isn’t too RNG to obtain?
  8. Uberkull

    Week 3.. dim armor still mia

    Well...i can’t even get the Black Spirit quest for the DIm secondary weapons upgrades. Tried everything, even have multiple green DIM Magical Daggers on the same Wizard and can’t get the Black Spirit to trigger the upgrade quests. Submitted a support ticket, they replied I needed to do prerequisite, World of Enemies #6: Hexe yet I am already through ALL World Enemies quests, all Mediah quests, and completed the [co-op] Giants quest which is much further than Hexe. So i replied asking them to look at my finished quests and tell me how to get World of Enemies #6: Hexe. It’s not possible if the Black Spirit won’t give it to you anymore. Gimped Wizard secondary, no DIM Armor...yet, hey lets add Asulas upgrades... ...btw...i’ll contact the Sheriff now...
  9. Uberkull

    New Quest amount limit?

    Never had the message...ever.
  10. Maybe this was there, but I don’t see it on my other screenshots. After today’s patch the buffs and action bar icons are no longer translucent. They have a black border. Quite noticeable. A) Is this a stealth add to the UI to aid with seeing these ridiculously small screen icons? B) And can we go back to no borders, or move buffs all together? They just are in a odd spot. Why not have them lined along the too of the Action Bar, or let us turn off these UI areas.
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  12. So I encountered some no-lifes on M-2 this morning that were hell-bent on killing anyone AFK running their characters along the roads to Tarif. Why? - You are tanking your Karma - You gain zero, lose alot - You don’t get a competitive fight. You actually get no fight on AFK runners. You actually look like someone who can’t actually handle real PvP. There is another word for it, but i’ll leave it out of the forum. Not sure what’s become of real PvP...
  13. Errr...why are you region hoping to a NA server? Just stay on PC? can’t imagine your ping is good? Edit: Anyways, this is what I suggested on this topic. I guess no one cared to improve the system... https://forums.playblackdesert.com/index.php?/topic/4255-kzarka-why-not-have-servers/
  14. Uberkull

    same players keep getting kzarka drop

    I’ve been on time almost everyday. Always come away with ‘Hunter’s Seal’. I just shake my head at how this is considered the pinnacle of PvE in this MMO.
  15. Uberkull

    same players keep getting kzarka drop

    Everytime I go, it seems my spells shoot through him, so I edge closer and it doesn’t help. Then when he turns towards me, spells start to ‘impact’. I think his hitbox is junk. The whole fight is janky, just a RNG of spell sponge. I’m sure the top dmg players have a spot where they hit 100% of the time while avoiding all the area dmg attacks. Which is the key, if you are always hitting, you accumulate dmg, and get into the upper tiers. That 80%. if you are late to the fight...might as well turn around. Even if the loot chance has changed, that’s not saying you are looting a boss item drop, it’s saying a chance at the loot table drop. I highky doubt its for Liverto or Kzarka weapon boxes(?)...that would be weak.
  16. If you own a Value Pack, you can move along, everything is good. If you do not have a Value Pack, the prices shown when SELLING items is the Value Pack price, not the payout you will receive. As you know, you get this warning when selling items without a Value Pack But the next screen is NOT SHOWING the correct payout you will recieve. It should show the payout amount -30% to clearly let you know what you will recieve. In the example, I received around 171,000 (fees and less 30%). I thought the prices shown are what you should get minus fees, and the 30% bonus would be on top of the shown sellout price if I had an active Value Pack. Not the case.
  17. Uberkull

    Is the CM also RNG????

    Your bids are just put into a list. There is no order of who gets the item first. Another mind boggling design decision.
  18. Uberkull

    Curious...why kill AFK runners along roads?

    Aww....you are the only one that works. Here is a tissue. Ignored. My topic. Ignored.
  19. Uberkull

    Curious...why kill AFK runners along roads?

    Nah, you really don’t and I prefer it that way. Interesting how when I put my money where my mouth is, type a wall of text about my dev experience, and kinda show I may know wtf i’m talking about with game development, how it becomes very quiet in the responses from a certain few.
  20. Uberkull

    Pirate Rum Event rewards ?

    I chuckled at this. Seems like PA does change a lot of times and dates, we might need a App for that...
  21. Uberkull

    Curious...why kill AFK runners along roads?

    Have posted suggestions, go do your investigating. You complained about me arguing, so I thought I’d spare you develooment details since you didn’t have a clue. But...since you are so interested. Developing a game is vastly expensive to do it right. And I don’t have a extra 5-10 million to do a startup. You need: - Very skilled game designers (I can hang here) - Talented coders (Have Fortune 10 experience here, just tell me the language we are using) - Game engine design and/or engine dev experience (Lots of focus here, depends on which one we use Unity, Unreal, Frostbite, Havok, custom) - Game Art designers and game workflow. Visuals can make or break a game for many players. Vast landscapes and awe-inspiring visuals, along with convincing character models go a long way in convincing the player they are part of the world we build. Game workflow deals with artists and game designers working together to bring the game vision to life. Sometimes the artist says a certain design doesn’t work or make sense, and there is a collaboration between the designer and artist to get the game workflow right. - Netcode devs and Server Architects. I’m gonna bundle these two since I could have another page just on these teams. You fail at Netcode and Server performance and scalability, might as well not release the game. - Build management team that controls the build pipeline. If we are an Agile project, we deploy builds as quick as every hour if we have automated regression tests in the pipeline. (Important team cause it insures daily builds and not ‘code in a closet and deliver one massive build, instead of controlled iterations) - QA team that has a stake in the games playability and outcome. If QA insures a intuitive, playable product, along with a rather bug free one, you get a better customer experience at launch. Launch is all about first impressions, reviews, media facing...big impact items to a game’s success. - A publisher that helps finance the project and supports realistic timelines (Review the recent Anthem development nightmare) - Build something that has innovative ideas and isn’t recycled game mechanics(This falls back to good designers with fresh ideas) - A team that is motivated by the games vision and goals. If you can’t maintain good moral and energy, the game will show it’s faults early and often. Now, you may say ‘There are Early Access devs that do it with a staff of less than 10 ppl’ Somewhat true, but not huge AAA type titles with a 5+ year vision. Usually(not always) Early Access is a cash grab for the short term, keep some dev going, then shut off the lights. PA designed their own game engine for BDO, so I have no idea what architecture they use. Maybe if i saw the design patterns of their engine, I would catch on, but for the most part custom engines fall into the ‘Bob down the hall knows all about that code, hope he doesn’t get hit by a beer truck’ and that makes it hard to bring on new talent since the game engine is proprietary. PA did an amazing job at building a believable world. I just think some of their design decisions and game mechanics could be improved. There is a lot of overly complex game mechanics that really don’t need to be in the game. It shows when ported over to controller. Anywho...long, probably boring read. But you asked...
  22. Uberkull

    Curious...why kill AFK runners along roads?

    Just FYI. Not a new game. It’s a port from PC. Game has the same content, same flaws, same issues. New Xbox players are asking for change, but vet PC players know that will not happen. What’s on PC is what we get, if that. Ok then, bye bye.
  23. Uberkull

    Curious...why kill AFK runners along roads?

    Hmm.. you claimed to know exactly how my AFK running encounter went down, but you never watched my VOD. Hmmm.. You seem overly angry today. Did your checkers partner sleep in today at the retirement home? I mean...you really need to read your post history. You defend this game(yet just started playing), you bash other people’s views, you go out of your way to prove people wrong. And you openly admitted you are an ass and don’t mind it. How can you criticize anyone? Also, interesting tidbit here. Now we know you never played PC, so your really have little experience to stand on in your posts. So, for the most part it’s all BS you Googled and you White Knight a game where you have no first hand knowledge of the PC history and PA’s faults. Check, check...snd check.
  24. Uberkull

    Marketplace Payout Prices - Misleading

    Thanks, thats useful info. Shouldn’t the game show the real amount you will get in the second pic i posted? Seems, like you said, they should be transparent and accurate to avoid disputes.
  25. Uberkull

    Curious...why kill AFK runners along roads?

    Thanks for watching a VOD of my stream! Next time join live and maybe bring up some chat. Show me the ropes with all your expertise. I must admit, it’s getting kinda creepy though...now you feel compelled to go so far as to watch my VODs. Damn, maybe find a life? AFK is away from keyboard. Set a path and run. My breath is now at 30, seems i’m at soft cap...was good running from place to place. So yea...i wasn’t at the controls when I got attacked, but was able to react since I was in the room. And you defend this game regardless of its major flaws. Can’t do no wrong. That’s White Knighting.