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  1. Like I mentioned above... In options, I want to see: ( ) World ( )General (x)Whisper (x)Party (x)Guild Boom, done
  2. But the point I have been making all along is just about Chat filters, Gamertag reporting, and the TOS. For this game, thats it. The politically correct society bullshit, and this ‘bursting bubble nonsense’ is a different topic for some other forum. Go there and spew your views. Keep em out of this forum and game chat. PA needs to get with the program and look at videos games on the Microsoft platform. Go find me a AAA title on the MS platform where I can’t get to the Gamertag to take action if needed. And you know what? To be honest...I don’t think I’ve ever used the report feature, but what I know it does for a game is provide accountability for the idiots that want to ruin players gaming experience.
  3. Who’s blaming anyone? I stated a fact. PA is a South Korean developer. Look up their recent financials on Black Desert. They are so focused on the Pearl Shop and only see $$ that they are ignoring the ‘Western PC culture’, as you put it, There were zero racial tones there. Onky facts on what PA focuses on. Then you have to spin it as a ‘American’ problem and ‘white people’. Jesus...you are another one.
  4. Ok there bud. Live in that space in your life. Enjoy. Chaining your Gamertag to your account is comparable to Chinese systems? You are so far gone. Play another MP game once in awhile. See how most all Xbox MP games have accountability and rules. I guess those games are all ‘wrong’ to. Yea...ok. What a idiot you are. I would almost bet you prefer not to have your Gamertag exposed cause you enjoy spewing nonsense in the game chat. No need for another stupid, long ass response. You got added to ignore. Bye.
  5. Oh, GoT...did you know what happens to...?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. You never lived in the south huh? Delusional at best, you are. Racism and hate speech are pretty bad and exposed more than ever given the visibility to modern media through social media. Get real and pay attention. And with your wall of text, babbling on about pointless ****, you completely missed the point. The ask always was, from beta on, to add basic functions like chat filters and report features. Period, the end. All that PA had to do is follow the Microsoft API guidelines for implementing Gamertag integration for their game. You can still name your dumbass berserker, BorgDABold...but a simple highlight, menu option of ‘BorgDABold’ shows their gamertag and exposes the API for reporting the gamertag. Then it falls into MS tos and their zero tolerance. Hence, the idiots in chat have consequences. Since PA didn’t implement this simple function, they could have easily added filters to chat. Easy. In options, I want to see: ( ) World ( )General (x)Whisper (x)Party (x)Guild Boom, done. But no, here we are...GMs and CMs that do nothing. PA that cares more about the Pearl Shop than following their target platform rules. We will see where that gets them soon enough. Given that MS can and will refund all purchases related to this game regardless of time played due to this issue should give PA a clue. Again, this isn’t about trying to solve world racism or hate speech. It about adding basic functions to filter out idiots in a video game.
  7. Ever hear of slavery? Equal rights? Affirmative Action? Do you know your history and what racism and hate speech does? Probably not. Based on your forum name, you probably enjoy adding to the dumpster fire chat. A game in 2019 without simple filters and tools for a chat system shouldn’t exist. Yet here we are. A South Korean company concerned more about their Bottomline than making their game playable for all skin colors and ethnic backgrounds. I guess their stupid ass slogan really applies to their in-game chat. “Be your true self” and don’t worry, cause we will look the other way.
  8. You guys allow racism in game chat and what good does talking about racism and hate speech in a gaming forum provide? Absolutely nothing good. Completely unprofessional and rather embarrassing.
  9. Try it out at work. Enjoy unemployment. Try it out on social media. Enjoy suspensions and bans...and potential future employers reviewing your social media history to find out you’re not what any fortune 500 company wants in their org. Other games? WoW - Right-click name > Report Player For Language. Result? Blizzard bans account. Since Overwatch, Blizzard has zero tolerance. ESO - Report Player. Warning, then suspension. I’d like to point out another thing. This thread, and the other chat related thread would never have lasted this long on either of those MMO forums cause the CMs are active there and give a ****. Example LINK
  10. Issue is with the attitude you have, it doesn’t go away. Looking the other way never works, anywhere. Let’s be real. Every legit game on Xbox has gamertags incorporated into characters names in some form. This allows the Report feature that is a staple for Xbox policing. By PA avoiding to use this system, makes them have to do more work by policing their game...which they are not doing. Eventually it will blow back on PA when the game fails MS certification on some patch update. That’s how MS gets their way, fail your cert.
  11. 2nd post in 2 days I’m tellin ya, contact Microsoft over the phone and detail the issue. If you communicate it properly, in today’s society of zero tolerance you will get results through MS. PA can’t avoid the platform owner.
  12. This will never get fixed. Calling it...since multiple support tickets and multiple posts yielded zero results.
  13. Why will the game die in your opinion? You are in a large guild, I assume you are seeing some signs that point to the game failing on console now? Or this was a form of sarcasm...hard to tell. But I am genuinely interested in a experienced opinion.
  14. Does any of this content come with more PvE combat options? Or just more field bosses and mobs?
  15. Well, since this is an ongoing discussion, you might want to include any CM or GM you can tag. @[CM] Serena @[CM]Shirna @[GM]Kusha @[CM] Serena The TOS for this game is here LINK Article 14 (User's Obligations) ①Users shall not engage in any activity that intends and targets to do any of the following subparagraphs: 9.Disclose or post information that is contrary to public order and good morals such as obscene or violent speech, writing, video, sound, and so on. The ‘and so on’ part makes me a little concerned for such a formal topic like a TOS. This topic should be very specific and complete. Not a ‘and so on’ subject. In the same TOS... Article 32 (Handling of Complaints and Dispute) ①The Company will guide you on how to present your opinions or complaints on the initial screen of the game or on the game service website. The Company operates a dedicated organization to handle such user's comments and complaints. I still question if this ‘organization’ is staffed with the appropriate amount of people to be ‘dedicated’ to just ‘user’s comments and complaints’. Want see what Microsoft says? Make sure you are logged into your MS account on the MS site and then go here LINK
  16. Send it to Microsoft and see if their TOS for MS accounts tolerates this. (PS - It doesn’t) If you push the issue hard enough with MS, one of two things will happen: A) They will contact PA and ask them to add a report system that aligns with the MS tos for games. Should have been in day one. B) Will offer you a refund if you want it regardless of time played. This will directly impact PA so they act with a system to eliminate this dumpster fire called chat. No idea why eh GMs were so overly active during beta, all chatty, and now...non existent in game chat. Well...i kinda know why... ‘You GMs look real good in beta chat, act like we care. Then when the game goes live and we have their money, it doesn’t matter anymore.’
  17. Whoa...whoa...whoa.. Cmon man, Skyrim is a generational game. On of the best single player rpgs that ever existed. At least show some respect. Now, carry one with your whiny crusade to try and change a PC game that revolves around PvP to some Xbox game that more suits your PvE style. Let me ask buttercup, what exactly will you do in BDO if you don’t pvp after 50? The PvE content in this game is embarrassing to say the least, and if you like lifeskills, you can stay at 49 and pretty much achieve everything this game has to offer. So why all the stress?
  18. The problem with that approach is that the market is then primarily used/focused on the hoarders and no-lifers who have a firm grasp and understanding of the game’s economy. The regular console player, whatever that definition is, logs on and uses guides online that say...’buy this gear off the MP to get started’. Yet when the player goes there to see zeros all over the place for registered items. Any ‘normal’ player seeing O items registered thinks nothing is there and doesn’t want to dump in millions for preorders on full sets of gear, only to have to wait days, a week, or longer for their stuff. I had a preorder for a Grunil chest up for 13 days and it never hit, yet I saw there were registered Grunil chests for the enchant level I wanted. So, not only is the MS broken at points, it’s not a instant buy appeal to the regular console player. At that point, a regular console player can lose interest in ever thinking they can buy and sell in the MP, taking away 1/3 or 1/2 of the game for that player. It’s not a good ‘look’ for the MP.
  19. Not doing all that **** when I just finished playing three other games for their dailies and everything was smooth, EDIT: Tried to Power Cycle since that’s the least intrusive, same result. Goes to authenticate and you get that black screen with the white diamond in the lower left corner. Then the game just returns to the dashboard. Not gonna reinstall because that forces a redownload. I logged in yesterday for some maintenance worker stuff, so unless they patched it today...no idea whatever wrong. Maybe they banned my account...thank god...finally a reason to move on. Thanks for letting me know you’re not having issues.
  20. What’s going on this evening? Or is this just me?
  21. PEARL ABYSS ANNOUNCES $1 BILLION IN GROSS SALES FOR BLACK DESERT FRANCHISE ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS https://gaminglyfe.com/pearl-abyss-announces-1-billion-in-gross-sales-for-black-desert-franchise-across-all-platforms/ Yea...hire dedicated staff for each team’s roles. Don’t make me break down pay structures for each role with benefits. 🤑
  22. I honestly think the CM and GMs do multiple roles on the Xbox version. Including support. This leads me to believe they are way under staffed. Way overworked. Why? - The lack of forum moderation or interaction. Almost non-existent. - The lack of in-game moderation of chat. Maybe this got better, I never bother to look at chat anymore. - The short, almost hurried support ticket responses, then insta-close. - The support ticket responses seem to be from the same GMs. A short list. - The live streams often refer to all the work the CMs have to do and apologies for missing things - The patch notes, articles, News updates, web content...all seems like one or two CMs do this. Sometimes it seems the CMs have a direct line to Devs, but then other times..we get asked to submit tickets..again.
  23. The Black Desert product on PC already rakes in millions with the Pearl Shop. Do a google on PA financials recently. The greed is real, the product works as is, they don’t care about issues that are not impacting the Pearl Shop. Now...if the Pearl Shop had bugs or shutdown...watch for a global emergency event to fix it.
  24. Actually, you are a moron for not reading the WIKI and comparing something to a completely opposite subject. Asia and Oceania This includes China, Japan, South Korea, ,Singapore, Australia . Maybe educate yourself before quoting stupid ****.
  25. The issue I have with the Ticket system, in my experience for one issue I have reported, is that the support representative answers and closes the ticket. That’s not the right way to do it. Once you close the ticket, we have to open another ticket to reply or further discuss the same issue. That causes many more tickets than necessary in the system, The support representative should answer and leave the ticket open, giving the customer a chance to reply of acknowledge the ticket is resolved. Once marked resolved, the support rep can close it. If the customer doesn’t answer in say...5 days...the ticket automatically closes. Seems like there is a inexperienced or limited support staff for the Xbox platform if you go and compare the PC support threads
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