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  1. Did you already have characters made on the standard edition, then bought the Ultimate and those bonus items were in your mail for your existing characters?
  2. Found this snippet under the ‘Buy Now’ on the official website. Link “1 of each package” - To me that means I can buy the base, standard, deluxe, and ultimate. That’s one of each. Please Note All items from the packages will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Only 1 of each package can be bought per account.
  3. Ah...my inexperienced Fisherman. Ye have yet to voyage on a true fishing vessel. A raft is but a dingy compared. Fishing boats have to be crafted. Google it up. A lengthy process. Once i get production running smooth, look at the Marketplace as you can sell them there.
  4. Actually a great question. Buy the $10 version, then decide...you know what, i’m gonna get the Ultimate edition now for my same MS gamertag. Will that work? Save progress, characters, just give you the items in the Ultimate edition? @[CM]Shirna Hey, can you track this question down?
  5. You sold them to the Imperail trader in Veila on PC.
  6. Not sure bidding for Guild Housing exists yet? HOUSING Guild housing is available in Cities only and unlike normal housing, you do not purchase the guild house with contribution. Instead the Guild Master must bid on the housing using funds from the guild bank. Once the guild housing auction starts announcements are made in-game and bids can be placed at the Auction House NPC. The guild that wins the bid will be able to use the housing for 14 days, but can bid again and potentially own the same guild house forever if they are always the highest bidder. Losing bidders can retrieve their funds again by visiting the Auction House NPC. Each day the guild must pay additional upkeep funds, which will be equal to the amount the guild bid. If the guild does not have enough funds in the guild bank to pay this upkeep fee, the Guild Master can use their personal silver to pay. Guild skill points can be invested into the guild house, allowing you to: Train Elephants – Captured baby elephants can be raised, bred and trained at the guild house. Build Ships – You can craft a Galley Registration at some guild houses. Craft items – All members can use the guild house to craft items by pressing [L] to open the crafting window. Members can also send their workers to the guild house to work for the guild. Expand the guild warehouse storage – All members can use the guild warehouse storage inside the Guild House. If the guild loses the guild house, their progress and items will be saved. These items cannot be used by other guilds, but will be accessible again to you when your guild purchases a new guild house.
  7. There are no Imperail Traders in the game yet. Those are the npcs that buy the Fish ad goods at 250% bonus. I think you are referring to those from PC.
  8. Not gonna disagree, but again...this is Xbox. Console. Who is using Discord? We sitting on our PC in Discord channels while playing a console? We overthinking it and using Mobile Discord? Seems silly. There is Xbox live party voice a CM could instantly invite someone who has issues or if they want to share screenshots/video of game errors. There is a official Xbox Club with live chat, easily accessed from the Xbox dashboard. Yet I hardly see any CMs there. If you are serious about Xbox and console, should use their tools.
  9. Yea, ok...your solution to the hate in the world is to ‘look the other way’. Teach your kids that, sure that will make for a better society. Almost amazing on what you type. All my points were literally common sense and are used in every TOS across AAA games. Yet you want some type of ‘freedom of hate speech’ in video games. You go keyboard warrior.
  10. I still stand by my point posted above. And it’s not like they are new or revolutionary. - Every MMO has filters for chat, most have customizable tabs. - Every MMO bans players for inappropriate behavior. Their game, their rules. Nothing to do with superiority.
  11. What? LoL What world do you live in man? In what medium can you type racist, hate, and degrading text and ‘its fine, just look the otherway’? It’s not allowed on almost every social media medium, and 100% of gaming forums. You honestly have it all backwards in your mind. We aren’t trying to feel ‘superior’ because we want players to act civil. I’ll leave it at that...
  12. Couple things here... 1) As we played in beta, the number one requested UI add was a toggle to remove chat. It was added, and guess what? First thing I do when I get into the game is toggle chat off. Simple. If someone I know wants to message me, they know how. Don’t get me wrong, I like a ‘active’ chat in mature MMOs, but you ain’t going to get that on console. 2) On that point - Console gamers. It’s a different community. PC has it’s issues too, but PC gaming is harder to approach for many. Hardware costs, software costs, driver issues, driver updates, etc etc. This makes console more approachable by anyone,. Leave it at that. 3) The GMs here are great and friendly. But sometimes, you need to throw down the hammer. GMs are in the chat, they should make themselves known to be hard on players that abuse. 24hr ban these idiots who throw race, hate, or are just plain idiots in chat. Ban them. Strike one 24hr hour ban, strike two 48hr, strike three a month. 4) Finally... Devs, add the ability to filter the channels we SEE in the chat. We can do this when we look at the chat with the Menu button(View Chat), we just RB/LB and filter who we see. Add it to the Global chat UI. Now you can filter down what you see, friends only, guild only, etc.
  13. Ok...so...in the OP, is the costume I posted the picture in the game yet or not? LoL
  14. Well...dark is good for me in 4k hdr. I hce to use a firefly most the time, yet can see mobs fine. I think the point @Darthaden was trying to make, is that regardless if you pvp or not, if you push over to 50, you are open to PK by other players. And if you plan on going out to do your life skills at night, you can have a rel bad time when you can’t see ****. So I think there probably still is some balancing to do with brightness and darkness in game, but not much.
  15. This. I believe as much as we want realism and immersion, if night was pitch dark and we needed to use fireflys just to see 10 feet, you would be a easy kill to mospd or players. Plus, not sure I wanna see a bunch of nameplates in the dark...and not players.
  16. My 4k hdr is the same as you describe. Its not really dark at all during the night. Amd during the day, if you look up its relly beight and the sky blue and clods just kinda mix together. Is that the same for you? But I would caution to have PA ‘fix’ this. Cause it can go real bad with HDR. Dark can become pitch black and light can become the surface of the sun. Seen it in plenty of other games.
  17. Err...still no pictures or screenshots to show wtf you are talking about. I am a techy, and I can tell you I was all over the HDR issues in beta for this game. But that’s been addressed, as you said, but I sure don’t see a 4k sampling swap. - Switch 4k on and off in settings, restart, and see if you notice 1080p textures...then go back to 4k. - Did you take any screenshots or video of yourself playing at release, or beta? Maybe compare closely there and post some screenes here. Just ranting about a graphics downgrade like this is some E3 Division conspiracy isn’t gonna go far...
  18. So, Costume crafting..does this Costume not exist yet? Valencia Travel Suit – Male On a related note... If interested in creating your own costumes and not buying them off the Pearl Shop, there are options: 1) Find yourself a Costume Mill at on of the three cities that supports them. Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova 2) Look up materials for the ones in the list that interest you and the rest you probably can guess. Reference: Link Most of these costumes are there, except the one in queation above ^^^
  19. It’s truely a seamless, open world. No loading screens. And the intro loading screens are so fast compared to other games, quite refreshing. If you step back and think about what PA was able to do here on console, and looking at how other AAA games struggle to put out single player open world environments, pretty amazing that this is a huge mmo...on console.
  20. You probably have, but make sure to RB and LB on the npc wheel. There are always npcs that have lower %.
  21. Love an update on this. Marketplace spam is honestly immersion breaking.
  22. You are not forced to do Amity unless the vendor/npc has something you want or need. Pretty much a completionist thing to be honest...talked to everyone and they all like me...etc. I do the Amity mini game for those that I want to have best-buds for life skills. Fisherman here...so all the fish npcs will get my attention. As far as the boat building, I wouldn’t want the boats handed to me for free. This whole game is about consuming your time like a second job. So you have to plan on what you want to do and stick to that first. Get sidetracked on other things, the game will overwhelm you and frustrate.
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