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  1. Are Tier 5 Horses out in the wild for capture? Not sure since PC has them..up to 8 in the wild, tame-able.
  2. Thanks for the effort. It was well written and we are able to read up on the lore while away from the game(when that’s even possible...ha)
  3. The Lollipop items from beta rewards, which seem to be the same, were able to be stored in storage after taking them out of the event box.
  4. Doesn’t protect you feom someone else toggling PK on, does it? If you are in.Combat zone grinding, you can’t just toggle off pvp and not get PKed...least thats how I understood it worked. Never bothered toggling off.
  5. Not sure i’ve seen this before on BDX version, I remember it on PC. However, I don’t know what button combo i used to bring it out, any ideas?
  6. A penality system for player killers, PK. After 49, as you know, you can be PK in Combat zones. Karma makes you think about PK. Karma Karma refers to the alignment system which affects your relationship to players and NPC’s, in regards to PvP. You gain karma by killing monsters. When you initiate open world PvP, or flag on another player, you lose karma for assaulting that player. If you strike a death blow, you lose more karma for murder. If you go below 0 karma, you are permanently flagged until you raise your karma, and NPC guards will kill you on sight. Other players will also be able to kill you even in a Safe Zone. As a 'Negative Karma' (Red) player you can lose the following if killed: Crystals Experience Enhancement Levels on gear
  7. Not sire we need to see rhe Whales pushing costumes onto the Marketplace every second, or even combat/guild war updates constantky. Can we just have the option to toggle them off? Like you did with chat. So maybe QoL UI toggles... - Quest log on the right side on/off - MiniMap in/off - Action/Ability bar at bottom on/off - Alerts middle of screen on/off @[CM]Shirna Maybe next update?
  8. Doesn’t seem to show on the details of the socketed item. You have to go back to the Black Spirit and add the item to the transmute UI.
  9. Wouldn’t disagree with some here that this is a little much for new players to absorb this soon Ah well...guess just ignore it until you need it.
  10. Updated Just these small UI updates made a world of difference to the player experience. Thanks PA!
  11. II like the writeup. Wish they had one for the other areas like that in the News secrion? Or do they @[CM]Shirna 😬
  12. News check https://xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=379&category=0 Events Pirate Rum - https://xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=395&category=3 Daily login rewards - https://xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=407&category=3 Mediah Seal - https://xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=403&category=3
  13. As a fisherman it sucks. Drying fish crushes the value, and with no Imperial turnins, fishing for profit right now doesn’t exist.
  14. Ugh...without that 250% sale bonus with imperial traders and fish, it’s more profitable per minute to grind bandits or giants for their common drops. I must be missing the boat on the profits of fishing and yet, that’s my only goal in BDX, fishing and boats.
  15. Well...did you notice his forum name?🤣
  16. Ohhhh...I like that solution! Bookmarks would work. Are those Family saved or character?
  17. What territory update would he be associated with? So we need to bring any fish back to Vielia or Glish for Imperial traders?
  18. Can find him in the port? Does he not exist on Xbox? Interwebs say.... Dius in Port Epheria next to the dock manager
  19. Haha....hit A too many times or the new World ‘clickclick’ Boss got ya.
  20. Check you Xbox messages on console or theough xbox app. If you won, MS sends you a message. In case you didn’t know... You can create a guild with iniy 3 people? Hmmm... Have any fishing bonuses? LoL
  21. All you have to do is be in the chat on Mixer. If you can tune in and say ‘Hi there’, you have a chance to win. The last Inside Xbox broadcast, i was ‘there’ watching on the side. Ended up getting both prizes, Sea of Thieves compass skin and beta entry to Division 2. I think many ppl ‘win’, so good luck!
  22. Thanks for the continued info. I received that Lollipop Accessory Box in the in-game mail for being in the first beta. They are probably giving everyone a crack at it now. Mine contained.. [Mixpot Event] Lollipop Glasses [Mixpot Event] Lollipop Earring [Mixpot Event] Lollipop Ornament
  23. And there you have it....lol Link Thanks. I’m too eager to build a Fishing boat... Back to playing the ‘moving cursor’ mini-game.
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