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  1. EDIT: Patch happenedI small client update. Updates Imsee - Clicking - fixed - Cursor moving in Inventory - fixed - Shipyard screen still can’t be exited - fixed Any other UI updates?
  2. I think i’m asking for a list of completed quests overall. That would show dailies and you could swlect them to ‘move to’. Boom...profit
  3. And this is exactly what I’m asking for in the UI. If we find a daily CP quest npc, like the ‘kill a mountain goat’ one along the way from Veila to Hiedel...currently I have to remember him and his location for the next day.
  4. Basically this.. 1) You earn contribution points doing various activities in the game. So thats your CP and you never lose it. You ‘rent’ nodes or housing with CP, but can take it back. 2) You invest CP into nodes you want to use for resources or to connect back to major cities so your workers have a path back to the towns storage. 3) You earn Energy doing various activities in the game, you use up energy doing tasks like node investment. Energy regens over time or as you quest...alomg with other ways. Goal is to earn as much CP and Energy cap as possible so you can invest without worrying about running low.
  5. Thanks. Didn’t think it was a category in the list, was looking for a separate tab.
  6. Is there a way in rhe BDX UI to see all the possible daily quests you can do? Meaning, say I finished all the dailies I found at certain NPCs, tomorrow...how do I find all those NPCs again if I don’t remember their location? The Black Spirit ones are easy...bring him out and select. Be cool if in the UI, the dailies would be listed and you could navigate to the NPC.
  7. How do we spend our loyality points?
  8. It was only 500k silver. Not like it was a cool costume...haha Still like GM events!
  9. Better be with this weeks maintenance aling with the Storage silver bug...
  10. If you used a raft to sail out to the edge of Veila and your minimap disn’t say Veila, you most likely were outside the zone. Rewards were mailed out that night, a few hours after the event ended.
  11. Do we have more than Calpheon, Balenos, and Serendia?
  12. The silver keys were the GM keys. Everyone who caught one during the 1 hour received a 500k ‘treasure’ in the mail. The treasure was mailed out around 2:30am est. ...and yikes on that lag. M-3 was a Slider. Least 500 players easy on that beach...
  13. I hope they never add BR...wait... You meant Battle Royale right?... oh...n/m...
  14. Never was done on PC to my knowledge, but this is BDX chance to be different. Request Remove that massive wall of text when we start to fish and each time we cast. Some of us like to be there to fish and enjoy the environment, not just afk...
  15. As far as full load, on AFK Fishing, I start the fishing and then press the Xbox button and go to ‘Home’ (dashboard). The AFK fishing still happens, yet the fans...least on the X...slow down to idle speeds. I assume there is reduced load at that point. Just make sure your auto-shutdown on the Xbox is off...
  16. Does the vendor require more Amity from you? That’s why some vendors won’t sell you stuff. Although this message is different, womder if it’s a rep thing.
  17. If we buy rhe game now, do we still get these if we played in both betas and signed up on the website? Website Signup If you sign up before March 3rd, and then link your account in-game by April 2nd, you will be given the exclusive Sky Hawk pet on April 3rd! Reach level 30 and Receive a Pet at launch! Would you like a free pet at launch? Reach level 30 in the beta and we’ll be sending a Calpheon Chubby Dog to you at launch! No extra steps required, just play the beta, get one character to level 30 and you will receive the pet after the game launches!
  18. So basically Hunting isn’t a lifeskill in the BDX version yet? “Hunting is new life skill that was expanded greatly with the Valencia update” http://dulfy.net/2016/07/01/black-desert-hunting-and-whaling-life-skill-guide/
  19. What content patch allows you to Whale hunt, ship battle, and ocean content? Is that Valencia update?
  20. You completely missed the point. I didnt say I was against the Pearl Shop. I swear ppl don’t read...they just react. I said there is a fom of buying silver with real $$ in BDX In essence, ‘gold sellers’ supported by PA itself. PA could still have a Pearl Shop and sell items, but they should make them BTA. Bind to Account. That way they can’t be sold on the Market Place for silver.
  21. Ok, then you sure don’t have HDR on the TV. Hmm, a LG 4k tv with no HDR...didn’t know that was a thing. I’ll try one more ask...does the TV truely say it has no HDR support or does the Xbox X not recognize it? For my Samsung i needed to set my HDMI input to UHD color for the Xbox to pickup all the 4k features. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/console/does-my-xbox-support-4k Ignore if this doesnt apply.
  22. @WeAreLegion Ah, you are one of those. ‘I was not even talking about you’. Don’t back track, you know exactly who you were singling out. I was the only one refuting the fact that buying silver exists in this short thread. And it’s merely fact, reality, can’t handle it? Not flowers and unicorn enough?
  23. You attacked me. So stop ur bs. And that is exactly the point. Players can express their opinions, so don’t judge or be all candy ass with your responses.
  24. Oh stfu...honestly. I’m mearly pointing out that selling silver exists. Players that are new might not understand that and wonder why Pearl shop items sell on the Market Place. You act like this is the best MMO that ever existed and it’s almost cringe worthy how sunshine and rainbows you are around here. Stop defending BDX in every post where other players have negative game experiences and want to express their opinion. BDX is a korean grinder and a second job. It’s not a new game. It has issues that are well documented. But with all that said, it’s a solid MMO for console, but not the best.
  25. LOL...ok...you spin it how you want. Whales tend to think like you.
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