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  1. Errr...you can buy Pearl Shop items for real $$ then turn around and sell the items on the Marketplace for silver, correct? And when the Pearl Shop has huge sale or discounts on items, your Siver just got cheaper. So basically, you can buy Silver yourself which technically cuts out ‘gold sellers’. But is it really any better?
  2. Does the Black Desert setting showing HDR brightness adjustments for you? If so...it thinks you have HDR. If not...ugh...gamemhad issues in the first beta with bright n dark...maybe more tuning is coming.
  3. @CrusadasXVII I believe it’s a issue with HDR. You mentioned Xbox One X, I have similar issues in other games. It’s not a easy fix, and may or may not be game related. You can test if it’s a HDR issue. 1) Close and Quit BDX. The force quit method, either launch another game or go to the BDX tile and select start and quit 2) Go to your Xbox Settings and navigate to Display and Sound then video output(?). 3) You should see a checkbox next to HDR10. Uncheck that. 4) Now that HDR is off, restart BDX and see how the darks and brights are. You may actually need to adjust game brightness to get close to where you were with HDR on. I’m not saying this is a solution, but you can still enjoy 4k and not have the darks to dark/brights too bright in BDX, you may have to use this method until BDX addresses it. Just remember to turn HDR back on for other games
  4. Base version is $9.99 with o bonus items. The standard version is $29.99 with the same type of bonus items as the preorder $29.99. The base version is a additional option for players to get into BDX, that’s all.
  5. Seems there are Ultimate($99), Deluxe($49), and Standard($29) editions for release also. Different contents obviously. Base version with no extras is $9.99 I kinda like the Kalstein look better than the Shudad on Wizard...guess its just taste. Kalstein Release Ultimate Preorder Ultimate
  6. Totally agree. I think 4k 30fps is superior when a game looks this good.
  7. On Xbox One X at least...It’s off by default because with it on 4k runs at 30fps. The off setting runs the game at 60fps (in less crowded areas) at 1080p. Players who want a smoother pvp experience prefer 60fps.
  8. You are asking players who came over, played Xbox for 2 days and completed their plans...to go back to PC while content snails into Xbox? You see the issue there right? It’s a weekend and now go back to PC? Second part, sure...called guilds and i’m sure many are helping others.
  9. Not everyone is all sunshine and roses like you make this game experience to be. Some came over from PC, had a plan, and executed. So it’s fair to say ‘what now?’. This may be a sandbox, but this isnt a Conan Exiles, you can’t make your own content by building bases and creating. So, that’s not a thing.
  10. I mean, we aren’t officially at release until tomorrow and it’s out of content for ppl that know wtf is going on. Given the roadmap for Xbox, where should PA have been for release? Which blocks should have been included?
  11. Well, if the OP wanted to hang with friends to do some PvE content, this game is the worst MMO for that. So, yes...pvp only game with ‘second job’ life skills for pve. RP? Hmm...shouldn’t RP be restricted to RP servers only? There are rules around RP in every other MMO. And 150v150 pvp? Lmao..you will never see it on console. The game would fall apart, maybe the best looking slideshow ever, but completely unplayable. I jjust wish players that have plenty of experience in BDO would look at the game objectively when answeing questions.
  12. What is the item that can be purchaed in the Pearl Shop on PC that insured 100% upgrade? Was it cron stones? That started the whole arguement of P2W on this game no?
  13. Nope... https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/black-desert-merchandise.1027/
  14. Sleep deprived...what lvl u at?
  15. Totally agree with Smurf on this...my ole ESO rival 😍... PA made a bad move here. If you do your research, this will be one of the very, very, few games that do not support Gameshare. Microsoft made Gameshare possible after the initial backlash of how Xbox One was going to handle digital vs disk based games. Long story oy short, they 180ed on that decision and as an added bonus brought Gameshare into the mix. This allowed familys to share the digital game purchase on thier designated ‘home’ console, logging in with their profile and playing the game purchased by one family member. The only thing that should be limited to the purchaser is the pre-order items, and that could have been done by simply having the person who wants those items, logging in first and claiming them. First come, first serve within the household. That way other family members would not get those items, but be able to play with no preorder benefits. This is not a PA thing, simply anfamily gameshare thing. But it seems PA didnt think it through. In all honesty, PA needs to clearly state on the Xbox store that Game sharing is not supported. Otherwise customers are going to repeatedly contact Microsoft support for refunds, as they should.
  16. This was in the second beta and was not fixed apparently. These were the steps to recreate it that I posted to Shima.. @[CM]Shirna I think I know where the clicking sound starts. - Create a new character - Turn in the first quest that the spirit gives you, the one that leads you to Edan. - After you finish Edan’s first dialog by pressing A, the clicking begins. It seems to oniy be in the starter area of town
  17. https://forums.playblackdesert.com/index.php?/forum/14-bug-reports/
  18. Yawn. PA needs to understand console gaming. Seems like they didn’t read the MS memo.
  19. Makes no sense. EA has nothing to do with anything. He bought the game. PA has his money. Xbox allows multiple profiles to access said purchased game. The biggest MMO in console, Elder Scrolls Online allows it...and did in EA.
  20. Bahahahaha....lord, they were holding back in beta...well, looks like they need to add come options quick. Just FYI, i’m not in the game nor did I decide to play BDX, was just offering some advice from beta.
  21. What does early access have to do with anything? I don’t think the OP is aksing to share the EA item bonuses, just to be able to play the game on multiple profiles one one Xbox. All games I have allow it on fhe ‘home’ box. Not sure what PA has to gain here with making ppl pay twice. It’s the Pearl Shop where their fortune will come from for the individual Xbox profiles that login, not the Xbox profiles that launch the game. Big difference. Ah...Pearl Abyss...
  22. @Minho94 Worth a shot. Can yoiu check if you Xbox is set as ‘home’? This basically says other profiles can play games you bought on the home console. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/games/game-setup/my-home-xbox
  23. @CptCoggs Just a question for you, do you have multiple xboxes and is the one you stream from set to your ‘home’ xbox? If you only have one Xbox, then ‘home’ should set. If you always had streamed fine with other games, this might not be your issue. I streamed the betas fine with a 3 profile setup on a Xbox designated as ‘Home’. If it helps: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/games/game-setup/my-home-xbox
  24. @WeAreLegion So I reported the clicking issue in beta. It originated in the starting area by Ehan. If you talked to him, which you have to outside the starting tent, the clicking is the sound from the quest dialog confirmation interaction. It seems it sticks and you get to hear it over and over from that point for any player that interacts with Ehan. If you leave that area, it goes away. Second issue on the spam, what happens of you just toggle off the text chat through the default wheel selection? Does it solve the central market issue overall?
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