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  1. Yup, a improvement. But I think many players were asking to remap skill buttons.
  2. Xim is garbage anyways, high input lag and it’s just bad. Also, it is against the MS tos, not worth it. Xbox Ome supports keyboard and mouse natively now, but games need to code to support it otherwise no aupport other then text entry. And no moded controllers or macros...also tos bad. I think the OP is wondering if the actual skill combo buttons can be remapped in BDX. They can not. What the dev added in the second beta is the ability to remap the buttons. Same thing you could do with the Xbox app.
  3. The back and select are mutually exclusive on the controller...not normally used as a button. Anyways... In the heat of battle, let’s say on the Wizard/Witch...RS down +LT was Fireball(if I remember). So, even if I didn’t need free movement yet I pressed down-click on the RS in the process of trying to cast Fireball...all goes bad, right? Maybe Wizard isnt a great example, but all classes have a RS down cast. I already posted a thread with pics on a alternate controller layout to simplify things. But, I think PA put a lot of efforts in the control combos, not sure if anything will change. Oh...btw, remember the first beta with the 180 degree movement bug? I wonder if they were trying to do something with free movement there. It was patched quick.
  4. In addition to, both stick clicks are already used for other features. Anytime you press down on a movement stick, camera or direction while in combat totally doesnt flow. And you nailed it, the combos would be broken because timing would be off attempting to click the stick yiu are moving with, or that is part of the combo. Right stick down had many combos on it and left stick down for too long? You get the camera zoom comtrols.
  5. Yup, I can imagine that. Now imagine if you didn’t have PC players leaving their PC BDO and coming here, yet you knew the game existed at one point on pc. Your Xbox experience would be new and you would accept what it is. I mean you think PA isnt aware of the differences between PC and Xbox in combat? Did you see all the sklls we are forced to assign to the Wheel menu? They made decisions there that impact combat also. This is exactly the same topic that happened in ESO, same in Tera(bad port though) ans even in Neverwinter. All had changes forced in combat to fit controller play. Xbox players accepted them and made different metas. PA will adjust wnere needed, but they are running out of ‘buttons’ given how they designed the combo system. It’s already overly complex to do some attacks.
  6. So, you decided you won’t buy it then? Right? Yea, didn’t think so. Again, Xbox players see new MMO on console...and many care less about pvp...yet want the rest that BDX has to offer. PvP on console is going to be a whole lot different, performance wise and skill wise. No comparison.
  7. So, back up. If you were a new Xbox player...never played on PC, you would have no idea what certain skills ‘should’ feel like. The normal Xbox player is seeing this game on the Xbox dashboard advertised as ‘new MMO’, will go look at some reviews, maybe gameplay, and buy it. Play it, assume the classes are what they are, attacks are what they are, and play until they realize what a mindless grinder this game is. That’s reality. It’s just all the PC players want thier PC game mechanics. Let’s be honest here, you give two shits about the new Xbox player experience. Be real.
  8. It’s different than the PC game and the Xbox players that are new will accept the game as is. You have 3 real MMOs on console right now, and I would say only 1 is any good(ESO). With BDX the console will get a quality 2nd MMO, albiet limited in content choices compared to ESO, but a unique MMO. Xbox players will be overjoyed to have another MMO regardless of a few gimped skills. I think PC players freaking out over a skill or two on classes not being easy to execute is a little extreme. What happens when the dev nerfs your favorite skills or combos? What do we normally do? We adapt. We find a new meta and move on. Seriously...PC has it all for ya, stay there. Console BDX will be a different experience. Everyone is even as far as combat is comcerned. Next thing you clowns will want is macros on console...
  9. I get a chuckle out of PC players wanting the game on console to play like PC. Don’t you have a PC version and have played there for years? Stay there. A valid solution. You have ported controller play on console. It’s a level playing field, everyone has to deal with any differences. Maximize builds? The builds that come out of console BDX will obviously be different. Dont’t like it? PC is that way >> and has everything you want. As far as the casual console player, I mean, have you watched some players play in the beta? Not a single combo, just spam prim and sec attacks. I would bet a majority of casual console players will never get into the more complex combos and attacks. PA isn’t selling BDX to PC players, they are expanding to a new market of players on console and the new console player will accept what’s there for controls.
  10. Let’s be honest, this is the most grindy MMO in the history of Korean MMOs. You have no other options in pve but to grind silver and do lifeskills...thats it. Grind mobs till you feel thats enough for the day....then repeat...and repear. You think @Nightingale got his ePeen ‘multi-billionaire’ status by playing two or three hours a day? Ask him his total hours in BDO, and his AFK hours...he will gladly share them.
  11. @Nightingale Instead of the wall of text reply, you could have just sang “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Ok now, boys and girls ... and Xbox players, make sure you keep this song in mind when you are getting PKed at your grind spot by that PC player. Happy thoughts... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTevoLkcFdI
  12. Sure looks like Mr. Rogers...err.. @Nightingale is trying to paint it as ‘A beautiful day in the neighborhood’. 😚
  13. Cause you disn’t vote...it’s useless. Got it. The 100 other ppl thought it was useless, I guess. Wow, this community is starting off great...and guess why? PC elitest roostering.
  14. Hmmm....poll results just on this forum so far. Doesn’t represent the Xbox community, no, but as someone else here said, it does represent hardcore PC players. It’s a PC MMO, not a new game...so, yea there will be some PC master race coming over to crush. @Nightingale Really? Wanna call me out? You, the arrogant PC player that throughout his posts here wants to spew all items you are going buy for $100s of dollars, lists and lists, to match your ePeen existence over on PC. 10000 hours? 35000 hours? I lost track of which rooster post it was. Just a example Here Please. How you gonna help new Xbox players? By having a personal barbie dressup show, standing in a major town, with all you glam on your maxed out characters? Then sayin ‘oh wait’ while you login other characters to show them off? Yea...sounds about right. You want to help Xbox players? Standup a Guild/Clan that you run, or learn the social systems that are in place on Xbox for new players to join so you can ‘teach’ them. Showing off your dominance in what you own on PC doesn’t help any Xbox player, if anything it might just overwhelm them and scare them off.
  15. Yea...If the Xbox player doesnt leave first. They have plenty of games to choose from and not many are hardcore MMO addicts.
  16. The open world PK is gonna be real with all these PC players coming over to prey on the unknowing Xbox players. PC players will be the first to cap, first to +15, and first on any upcoming leaderboards. To bad for Xbox plebs..ugh.
  17. No macros allowed. It’s a Microsoft official product and macroes aren’t allowed on the Xbox platform. Just a ToS thing,
  18. First off, not how Twitch works today. Twitch channel growth is a complex thing, but it does revolve around current and trending games. Unless you have a large community that will follow you regardless of game, BDX isn’t a growth game. As far as MMO experience. I prefer a combo of theme park MMOs with good storylines and variety in content. WoW is still the best and most popular MMO for that reason. Graphics do not define a good game as WoW has proven. In BDO....your list there is comical...I mean, can it be more arrogant? Spending $100s of dollars on a game just to get QoL items that should be entirely obtainable in game is absurd. Content in BDX? Is there PvE content coming that will bring together players to cooperate and conquer dungeon boss mechanics? Maybe questlines that alter the shape of the world where the community has to work together towards a common goal? I’m all for the lone wolf approach in BDX, but I don’t want ‘second life’ professions as my focus for PvE content.
  19. I see. But doesn’t that really say what this game is? It’s not just the purchase price. You can’t say BDX is pay to win, but you sure won’t have the best experience in BDX if you don’t have those things you listed along with the proper tiered pets.
  20. Yes...I played WoW for 11 years, but I didn’t spend “$400 on day one”. Thats what was said...to each his own.
  21. And...I can think of many, many other things to spend $400 on than a dated video game. I mean...cmon... Why would anyone spend that much on a mmo they already played on PC for 4 years? Crazy...
  22. Looks like PC players will be everywhere in BDX.... Doesn’t make for a pleasant PvP experience for Xbox players.
  23. What Pearl Abyss did here for console is completely amazing. This is a custom engine the PA built for their PC version and it ported over extremely well. It’s not a Unreal 3 engine. If still accurate, they used YEBIS software, also used in Dark Souls 3 and Bloodbourne for consoles, to create a custom engine. Consider how Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Origins look on 4k console and its just a single player game, no real player netcode to worry about, yet IMO BDX looks better, more vibrant and BDX has to handle 100’s of players in an area at one time.
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