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  1. Haha. Well for me it does...Anthem is pulling my attention now. I need a new looter shooter in my rotation. I probably can’t justify BDX for my stream since it won’t help me grow the channel. It’s a older game. But that’s a different topic.. On tooic...The elite controller along with a chatpad, the Xbox One X, and a low inputlag 4k HDR Tv is the ultimate setup for any MMO for console. Makes for a flawless experience. Hope BDX does great om console
  2. Small hands? LoL the natural postioning of your hands on the Xbox controllers lands your index fingers on the triggers. Anywho...lol Of my 3 Xbox elite controllers, all the config profiles have the dpad mapped to the paddles underneath. That way you can access potions or any dpad skill without having to move your thumbs off the sticks. Using the config switch on the controller allows for two variations if you want. Or two different games...if you actually know other games exist, unlike a few I see here. 🤤
  3. After further review, I forgot to add a ‘decided NOT to play’ option. Maybe that’s what the views were that didn’t vote? Anyways...updated.
  4. I agree. I think you need to be registered to vote. The problem I had for months with this forum is when trying to register, the confirmation email was never sent to my inbox. No spam filters, no trash, just never arrived. I finally contacted support and CM_Simon replied in a email saying they manually registered my forum account. Sp people might actually be interested in joining the forums but can’t. Or, there are literally only 30 people on this forum. 🤪
  5. The point of using a 100 hrs is that kinda defines a player that dabbled in BDO, but wasn’t really hardcore or stayed around on PC. I understand there are no-lifers on PC BDO that don’t realize other games exist. 😄
  6. @Greev Excuse me? You quoted three different ppl in your post. When you quoted @Jacs and respnded to his thoughts, you sais “f you uber”. Really? You got all ruffled cause SOMEONE ELSE called out @Nightingale about PC. Maybe next time take your Xanax before posting so you get your ppl straight.
  7. Uberkull

    Node War

    Not true. I switched between BDX this weekend and the dashboard clubs. BDX never disconnects you...lol it has AFK built in. You literally can sit there idle for hours. How you using Discord? Is everyone sitting on their PC while playing Xbox? Lol. Just play BDO PC then, right?
  8. BTW, on XB1X I still saw plenty of black silhouette npcs walking around in populated towns. I saw plenty of texture popin. Game does look great in 4k, no doubt...but at the supposed 1080p 60fps, thats no where close to 60fps from my experience with high frame rates on PC. Overall PA did a unreal job to bring this eye candy game to console. By far the best looking game on XB1X even compared to the latest AC games. For a solo experience, great experience as far as performance vs playability on XB1X. But for a MMO and the Massive players parr, I saw way to many rubberbanding players around me. In the Battlefields it was rather embarrassing at times. Maybe I was on a bad server at the time, not sure.
  9. Uberkull

    Node War

    At least the Xbox Club is on the same damn UI. Where is Discord? Child please...
  10. Uberkull

    Node War

    It’s less than two weeks before release. More of a demo. What’s more comical, we have a CM responding that they ‘responded on Discord’. It’s a Xbox game. Console players aren’t sitting in a Discord channel. Might want to consider using your Xbox club you created that’s been a ghost town from mod visits or any CMs for some time.
  11. Err...also a Twitch Affiliate since 2017 and am a full time. You can dream big, but this a old game when it comes to Twitch. No one cares cause it ain’t a trending game. You might get a few extra followers for a couple weeks, but there is no growth for a streamer in this game. If you take it to Mixer, maybe because you will have Xbox players able to instantly access Mixer and BDX streams.
  12. @Nightingale Good luck getting a audience streaming this game. This game streams grinders with no camera and music playing 24/7. No one comes to watch it’s content for any extended period of time, because there is no content other than grinding. Console players will catch Youtube videos to get what they need. Trust me on that.
  13. @Nightingale Well, there you have it. I rest my case. 25000 hrs...Enjoy new players, hope you find enjoyment out of all that. 😀
  14. It was a beta. It was there to test the changes from the first beta. And it was sure as hell a marketing tool to ‘sell’ players in buying the Xbox version. So...feedback on why you wouldn’t buy the game is as valuable as the PC players reactions who couldnt hang on PC BDO and had to come over to act the elitest on BDX. They are getting your cash all over again. Suckers? Just saying. I can assure you new players will be pissed when they buy into the game and find out: - You have two choices for end game. PvP or lifeskills. No dungeons, no raids, no real group activites other than guild pvp. Wanna chill from pvp? Go run laps with your horse to level it. Oh wait, that can be AFKed. - You can AFK multiple activities and lifeskills. And its a legit game mechanic. - You can’t compete in PvP unless you no life this game. Look up 1000 hour BDO players. - You actually get suckered into buying the 30/60/90 day sub...err value pack...otherwise you LOSE the space, weight, perks that you were relying on once it runs out. - Not really a loot MMO, very few gear options. More of a Barbie dressup MMO which is where you need to spend real $$ to look different(unless you wear the pre-order outfit forever). - It is a Korean MMO which has certain characteristics that are vastly different from western MMOs. New players may not realize those aspects when buying. There are reasons I may buy the game, but far more reasons why I will not. Some of the PC players here are helpful and informative, others make you never want to come close to BDX.
  15. Tough -boy...my new signature. Thanks! I imagine, we imagine, it’s imaginary.
  16. Great visuals, great combat...but...for me, mindless grinding of enemies and Lifeskills isn’t enough. I guess i’ve had my fill of lifeskill type stuff and such from games like ESO where it was a grind to level every aspect of your crafts and gear. Amd WoW for 11 years with the different crafting changes and updates, rework, etc. Yeah...nuff of no-llifing Lifeskills, And grinding mobs with very little reward after months is really....pointless. Maybe if there was actually more gear or options for the classes, but being locked into weapon types really limits gear variety. And keeping the AFK functions in the Xbox version really bothered me. Pointless to fish, which I enjoy in MMOs, when I know others are just AFKin. I’m sure it will do well on Xbox, hopefully the pearl shop is fair. Maybe I’ll miss it in a month...
  17. Holding down the left stick for a few seconds turns on the hidden camera mode. It lets you zoom out and with the dpad adjust up/down right/left camera perspective.
  18. After launch. You need to buy the game and then link after March 3rd.
  19. Given if you reached 30 and have signed up with the official BDX website(and link your account after launch), you will recieve TWO pets. Alomg with that and what you’be seen in the final beta, what pre-order will you go with..if any??
  20. Totally agree with this. They should have left that Korean meta with PC. I love fishing in MMOs and getting titles. But here, If I fish legit and no AFK, I know for sure others are just AFKin their fishing so it’s a pointless life skill. Along with what?, two other life skills that can be AFKed...honestly, this game becomes more and more of a pass.
  21. @Grammaticus Imagination doesnt pay the bills. You haven’t paid for thier game in beta, why would they want you to link your account for free stuff when you didnt pay for thier game yet? When the game is live and you logged in with a paid version of the game, you get to link.
  22. There is no connection between the PC version and Xbox. They have mentioned that here in multiple ways.
  23. Not sure what you are referring to. Two different genres. Anthem is a looter shooter. BDO is a korean grinder MMO. So calm down on your BDO supreme. It’s shallow in gameplay in comparison to the king of MMOs, but for some ppl it’s more enjoyable to mindless kill mobs over and over for the enternity of the game. Sure, combat is awesome...but so is Tekken or MK, that fix exists elsewhere. Oh...yea....lifeskills...well, whatever floats your boat.
  24. Ah...Very cool! Fun moments like this in MMOs are hard to beat.
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