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  1. Anthem is actually a excellent game so far. Awesome story, huge open world in freeplay, and the expeditions/missions make you feel like they are worth doing. I can see playing Anthem for a long time since the classes all play different and the loot is abundant. Loot is the one thing I miss in BDO. There is like 10 total sets? Very boring as far variety and you don’t even use but 2-3 sets total. Bioware has made some of the most iconic games ever. Balders Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect, SW KotoR, Dragon Age...etc. Comparing a Korean developer that made ‘another’ grinder MMO is a little lame. A good MMO, but just another one.
  2. This forum is hardly active outside about 20 ppl. Even with this open beta weekend, I see maybe 10-15 new ppl. Hardly a ESO population for a forum. Can’t compare the two communites. This is a PvP game at it’s core, there is no other end game. No dungeons, no raids, all you do is PvP and life skill busy work. With that, a pvp only game will be toxic by nature. Just wait...and hope this forum gets more players...then we will see what you get. Those PC players that can’t hang over in PC land are bound to stir it up.
  3. The HDR is still borked in the game, doesn’t work. And in beta 1 they had brightness issues and ‘said’ they tried to fix them for this beta. Bottomline, the brights are to bright, the darks are to dark. It directly relates to them trying to adjust for the HDR settings on 4k support. What they need to add is a brightness and gamma slider, easy...done.
  4. 1 - Sign up on BDX website before March 3rd. https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/ 2 - Buy the game 3 - Wait for launch, March 1st - March 4th depending on the edition of game you bought 4 - Launch game and play before April 3rd. Link your account in game then. Not sure why that’s hard to understand. Why would you link your account in a Open Beta that you didn’t buy? How does PA benefit from that?
  5. Lebron, maybe mix in a fade away jumper, or reverse layup, maybe a step-back... All I see from the self proclaimed ‘#1 Sorc NA’ is yiu using two skills and a ult.
  6. Thanks for posting this. We are in the final Open Beta. We are 2 weeks away from a March 1st release, and there are economy breaking issues. For a MMO at release, that would mean a rollback or character wipes. Are we certain this game is ready in the end game? - We never touched true end game gameplay, areas or spells. - Barely touched the Marketplace with true economy exchange - No idea on the Peari Shop economy - We will see if the world boss is playable tomorrow. First beta, it was not playable. And for exploiters, other companies have zero tolerance for cheating regardless of where we are in the stage of the game. Given this game is close to release, the exploters in beta should be perma banned. Zero tolerance. Not sure how Pearl Abyss handles cheating on PC, but I’d like to see their stance for console. Somewhere Microsoft has a say since the game requires Xbox Live and there are TOS there around cheating.
  7. LOL. This thread alone can bury the chance of ‘new customers’ deciding to buy this Xbox version of the game.
  8. @[CM]Shirna I think I know where the clicking sound starts. - Create a new character - Turn in the first quest that the spirit gives you, the one that leads you to Edan. - After you finish Edan’s first dialog by pressing A, the clicking begins. It seems to oniy be in the starter area of town,
  9. And the X button, or ‘Special Action 2’...did you realize, for Wizard and Witch, they perma assigned Healing Aura’ to this button. Just pressing X gives you limited health back because it acts as a normal cast. If you hold LT + X, you get a channeled version of Healing...EDIT different spell(Healing Lighthouse) is triggered, my mistake. Still, the point remains...the control scheme needs work to be viable at end game.
  10. Oh gawd...it’s you. Remember ESO console text chat convos we had? Bahhhahahaha Anyways, the sound is the same as when you launch fhe game, the ‘processing’ text clicks. Something is going on in the starter areas.
  11. I am starting to think the same. The great thing about a new MMO was always going in and being a pleb with everyone else. Learning, exploring, and discovering things for the first time. Here, unless you turn off chat, you will be spammed by PC player replies telling players what is what. Someone says in chat ‘On cool, I found this area *blah blah* !! PC player response, ‘Thats not new, I use to farm *blah blah*’ I think some PC players here have at least shown they care to make the Xbox community better by being walking WIKIs for new players, but a majority seem to have this Elitest approach.
  12. TRI, PEN, DI... what? No expert here, bunI know many have no clue what these mean. Basics - In the game you obtain a limited amount of base gear(not a lot of choices). - Depending on the gear, you can decide to keep it and upgrade it. - When upgrading, you use the Black Spirit to apply Stones(Armor or Weapon) and attempt to upgrade a piece of gear. Not gonna go into fail rates here., but it can fail. Link - The upgrade path goes +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 PRI DUO TRI TET PEN So thats what these terms mean when talking gear. PRI = +16 DUO = +17 TRI = +18 TET = +19 PEN = +20 PC vets can add or correct. Thanks!
  13. PC elitest coming over to console, cute. PC has PEN, why did you leave? Couldn’t hang with more geared players than you? Want to come over to casual console and pick on the new players?
  14. I assumed they meant linking your account in the actual release version of the game. Release is March 1st, get in the game and there would be a link account feature there. Either way, you have a whole month after release to figure it out. 😀 In the Open Beta client you actually haven’t bought the game, so linking here is really wasting the Devs/Publishers time to process a free pet for those that may never commit to play.
  15. Hmm...you are referring to draw distance on the XBX. I mean, the XBX does a great job at 4k 30fps and 1080p 60fps. It does have some pop-in of textures that I notice, but nothing major. I see some npcs load in late. But as far as distant trees, mountains, etc it does a good job. For a reference point, I can see mountains in the far distance when you first start out at the tent (new character spawn). I know it’s a big investment for the XBX, so you can drop by my stream if you really want me to test certain spots. I grabbed a clip from my stream testing 60fps, not really the point for you but it does show the distant mountains. You could go there in your game, on your console and compare. Thats a 720p video, so don’t compare fidelity here.
  16. But it’s still built on the core engine and code of the PC, BDX wasn’t re-written. I hope they would take some QOL features from PC and not try and reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of things on BDX that are just over complicated and need to be streamlined. If the PC version addressed it, bring it over and adapt it to the console UI.
  17. Updated to minimize change to original layout. Just keep Spell initiators off the movement sticks. @Nightingale Well, looking at Tekken and Mortal combat on console...there is some method to the madness for fighting games. I think my Wizard example shows you can be more effective with choosing your rotations.
  18. It’s not the GM message ‘brrrringgg’ sound, i’m referring to clicking while in towns. Seems like something is ‘processing’ or stuck... Think its in Westgate...wherever you see the first stable guy.
  19. LT is sprint for horse, so he takes off while trying to access the menu standing still. Ugh... Clarify...fhe wheel dpad menus, the 4 shift triggered with LT
  20. @Nightingale Simce I played the first beta, I’m trying other things to help me decide if this is gonna be my next main game. I stream full time, but am not really interested in showing 24/7 grinding as content. So, here I am...lol The Ultimate pack pre-order is worth $280 ish for $99. I might get it just to have it for the future if I decide to play. Passing it up might be a big mistake if i decide to play later on. I would think those pets alone and the 90 value pack are worth it...
  21. Playing the first beta I was surprised how well the devs adapted the game to controller. After some muscle memory....it’s ‘OK’...but.. Now in the second beta after seeing what limited things we can change in controller, I realize how much of a chore it is to remember more complex combos. And then there are those spells which you have to assign to the ‘wheels’....oh boy... ————————————————————————————————- IMO, I would have went for the bumpers on the controller as ‘shift hold’ buttons. Button A doesn’t get used for spells here, still jump ...AND should be the interact button also, not ‘hold Y’ Press and hold LB or RB to toggle second set of button actions, release to go back again to first set Set 1 > LB not held is X = spell 1 Y = spell 2 B = spell 3 Set 2 > LB held plus X = spell 4 Y = spell 5 B = spell 6 Set 3.> RB held plus. X = spell 7 Y = spell 8 B = spell 9 Left and Right triggers 3 more. LT = Main Attack or spell 10 RT = Secondary Attack or spell 11 LT+RT = spell 12 The Dpad can be used for Ring menu for all the other things. Example for Wizard/Witch Spell 1 = Fireball Spell 2 = Lightning Spell 3 = Freeze Spell 4 = Fireball Explosion Spell 7 = Residual Lightning Spell 6 = ??? Spell 7 = Meteor Shower Spell 8 = Lightning Storm Soell 9 = Blizzard LT Main Attack = Your Choice RT Secondary Attack = Your Choice LT + RT = Your Choice ——————————————————————————— I now have 9 spells on 3 controller face buttons. Add simple UI of three action boxes at the bottom roght of the screen would hold the current spell rotation. Think how quickly you could rotate through spells. The finger rotation is always the same, X>Y>B. Just simply based on the ‘shift’ key you pressed you get a different set of buttons. Currently, enjoy spells like Blizzard in the current format...LT+RT+RB or worse...Magic Lighthouse, has no button assignment...need to put it on a wheel or tale up 1 of the 4 dpad buttons for instant cast. Yea...ok...
  22. I knew they wouldn’t activate the Pearl Shop in beta. At least let us look at the interface for console, but no...they want customers to buy thier game first. Then you will see the sticker shock of $20-$30 barbie costumes. 😍
  23. I belleve level cap for the first beta was 40. Maybe it’s locking out quests at level cap in beta?
  24. @Nightingale I played the first beta, and was impressed overall. I understood the limits of the controller buton assignments, or the lack there of. Now in this beta...i’m not feeling it. I see we still are stuck with assigning some skills to the wheel or taking up an entire dpad slot for a single-press skill. To be honest, I think the whole energy/knowledge and node system is gonna scare away a lot of console players. Those here may understand it from PC, but console is a casual community for the most part, short attention span. As with any MMO...there has to be a willingness to learn. I’m gonna hit lvl cap in beta today for the stream and then make some decisions...
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