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  1. @Nightingale Ok, with all those characters and commitment on PC. Why play the game ‘again’ on Xbox, on inferior hardware. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Xbox X, but being able to play BDO at higher framerates in the bigger pvp I’ve heard about is all PC. I couldnt imagine playing BDX on a normal Xbox. Good luck in any area with more than 50 people.

    In the first beta, the CMs had a event where we had to race wheel barrows. On my Xbpx One X the frames were almost slide show. The end boss event in beta, unplayable on Xbox One X.

    I guess back to my point...I have investments in WoW, ESO and other MMOs. I was able to port over my account from ESO PC to ESO Xbox, so progress was kept, but Cyrodill is a joke on console in huge battles. Since BDO is all about PvP end game...no real PvE alternatives...I hope the devs realize the experience has to be solid in big PvP battles or word will get out that PvP is unplayable on Xbox BDX. What are your opinions on the importance of good performance in BDO pvp?

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  3. 2 hours ago, Deathz Angel said:

    If you want to know what bdo holds for you check out you tube videos from a guy named king vox he makes it very clear. 

    Or I can just ask here. As i statedl, I played on PC, but I didnt understand why all the gear seemed the same. Basically get this one set and you are good til 56, then its just boss drops. That made advancing your character very shallow. One or two sets just covered with overpriced cosmetics from the pearl shop. Is this really the case?

  4. 16 minutes ago, Alfajores said:

    Yes, you're right, but not everybody likes it.

    Not everybody likes to farm like there no tomorrow, upgrade all your gear, and then when it comes to pvp, all are equal, even the new guy. For games likes this there's MOBAs.

    The fun is just upgrade and become stronger. Not upgrade and be equal. No ones like to be equal, not in BDO.

    These other MMOs have normailzed BGs as a option to the main PvP. I guess, for the longevity of a MMO...especially on console, giving new players a hope to succeed in pvp brings more players to the game.

    It might be a hard sell to tell my friends in 6 months (who are currently busy with other games) to play BDX, yet warn them they will be so far behind in PvP because there are no normailized options in BDX.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Alfajores said:

    But...that's nothing new, right? 

    I mean, I've played a lot of MMORPG and it's always the same. In PvP the overgeared wins. You can't expect to start playing in a day and pvp with players that's have been playing over a year or more, no matter the game.

    So if you wanna be strong, play, otherwise you'll be weak. No matter when, no matter where. Simple as that.

    No, not really. You have normalized pvp in many MMOs now. BGs that you can optionally join that put everyone on the same ‘level’ minus the perks your gear may give. ESO has it. WoW has it. It’s a smart move by developers to retain and gain new players.

    So yea, no...other MMOs offer options.

  6. 6 hours ago, Dr INF3NRO said:

    The video you referenced is a bit misleading. 

    First, its outdated.

    2nd, I got lots of respect for GamingLighthouse but im not sure how knowledgeable he is or was at the time about Black desert.


    So yeah, as @Heya mentioned, Lifeskills are a huge thing. Infact, every skill is a huge deal on its own. 

    Guilds and guild wars are a great content maker with scrolls, guild quests, node wars and seiges.


    Bdx has a lot to offerd and id get more  relevant references to get a better picture

    How is the video dated? It’s less than a year old and the version of BDO he is referring to is far AHEAD of what we will get on console. I think it’s a fair assessment of BDO and it’s ability to hold players.

    And remember, console players have a different attention span, lots of gaming choices with less commitment.

  7. 6 hours ago, Heya said:

    When u say lifeskils.... U say it like is nothing, only focusing on lifeskills you have there a ton a tooon of content.... And yeah afeter that u have grinding in a lot of places solo or with party, u can sailing........ Is stupid to say bdo dont have end game content....... And all of that is only half of conted becose you excluded pvp conted.......... Rbf, arsha, shadow arena, nw, sige,  you can be an outlow player and kill ppl in grinding spot( world).... U even have a town just for you if u chouse to play this whay.... So is stupid to say bdo dont have end game content have s lot a lot of things to do and im pretty sure i forgot a lot of things to mention! 


    Calm down there Chuckie. I asked a question and outlined what I knew. I never even said BDO has no end game content, so you either misread or became very defensive based on the normal arguments against BDO.

    Lifeskills are a bundle of different things to do, but for what purpose other than producing a end product to try and sell or use. Normally lifeskills in other MMOs can complement your ability to have materials for crafting your own gear. Is that the case here?

    And so far, all I see in the responses is ‘grinding mobs’ and pvp. Again the PvP is very one sided. If you don’t start from day one and try to keep up, there is no way a player who joins in a month or two will be able to compete. They will repeatly get crushed by players that ‘grinded’ and built up their pvp gear. This quickly will lead to new players leaving if they joined to pvp.

    So, let’s say you do fall behind in PvP gear, but want tp PvP...you are left with accepting getting slaughtered or doing lifeskills. Right?

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  8. I played PC BDO some. I enjoyed the combat. I enjoyed the life skills somewhat. But I soon realized I didn’t have much to do if I didn’t ‘keep up’ in PvP gear.

    So, this is what you can do:

    - Lifeskills, node management, work the marketplace, explore

    - World bosses for end gear

    - Grind, grind, grind...and grind pve mobs for $ so you can upgrade gear to compete in PvP

    What I am missing? 

    Just for reference, I watched this and got a little concerned...


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