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  1. 14 minutes ago, [CM]Shirna said:

    Hey guys, could you send tickets to Customer Service so that they can double check if there are any quests missing in the quest line? Would help me out

    Already sent two...both came back with incorrect responses and no resolution. You guys shouldn’t close tickets without letting the customer followup to your initial response. That we we can respond and not have to post numerous tickets on the same topic.

    04.07.2019  [ Lost Items] Black Spirit has no DIM upgrade quests       04.11.2019  Complete

    04.05.2019  [ Lost Items]DIM Magical Dagger has no upgrade quests  04.07.2019  Complete

  2. 1 hour ago, Yiazzy said:

    Is this topic still going? I thought we covered this in the last topic that got locked? Stop trying to turn the game into a hand holding simulator, and especially stop comparing it to WoW and ESO. Bethesda are AWFUL developers. Every game they release is boring af. 


    We don't want every single thing to be turned into a marker, tutorial, menu, whatever. Let it go. 

    Opposed to a troll like you that has made 3 total topics on this forum? Link

    All you can do is rip on and criticize other people’s suggestions or ideas that attempt to either better the console version or, to be honest, bring more potential customers to the game by making it more user friendly. 

    You seem jealous or offended that no one seems to care about your posts. Let it go.

  3. 26 minutes ago, Legendary said:

    if you look up i was on about the ogre rings too


    Your thread...but...no one is talking about Ogre Rings. Not mentioned, nowhere. And isn’t part of the world boss loot table.

    Kzarka, the world boss, right? 

    It’s about the Weapon Boxes, the two that he can drop, Otherwise...No one cares about the same players getting other loot.

  4. 42 minutes ago, Tr3nch said:

    A timer would be nice. However, I fall into that category that seems to draw insults, "Lifeskillers." Some people need to take a chill pill and get off their high horse. No reason to put players down because they may play differently than you. No this is not directed @Uberkull. Have fun grinding for gear if that's what you want to do. Ill pick mine up from the market or NV.

    Far point. You can play the game as you want, that’s for sure.

    Bottomline, I think this MMO on console needs to be different than PC when it comes to QoL features. Be it timers, flashing identifiers, or simple UI elements that can be moved or turned off. Each QoL feature also comes with options in settings to toggle them on/off.

    Hate to throw back to WoW and ESO again, but both had many QoL features for the user. WoW allowed you to write your own UI and event add-ons in LUA. I was a add-on dev for 3 community add ons for PvP trackers in WoW. Guess that’s maybe why I’m astounded on how limited the BDO UI is.

  5. 52 minutes ago, Nightingale said:

    It sounds more like ESO or FF14 is the MMO for you each and every single post 😂 . Their dye systems are permanent. 

    Yes, I think I made that pretty clear.

    This MMO is shallow in the PvE department. Limited gear, too much focus on grinding mobs, zero group pve activities. After you get over the honeymoon phase of great combat and visuals, you start to feel the stale pve gameplay. 

    I can’t justify a $15 value pack ‘sub’ for such limited content. No, lifeskills isn’t content in my book, especially AFK supported lifeskills.

    But, obviously you are 180 the other way given your experience and investment you have in the game on both PC and now Xbox. I still will never understand why you invested so much on PC...SO MUCH(list that list you posted during beta😃)...why would you do it all again? Time...money...money...for the same stuff. There are other games, just fyi. 😛

    Given all that, I respect your knowledge and perspective of the game. To each their own...

  6. 41 minutes ago, Nightingale said:

    Actually Pure back is in the Olvia, Heidel, Mediah dyes. It just changes material types bases on cloth, cloth shiny, leather, and metals. Minus the color grade that was pure back on my wizards picture - as you can see its the Anemos set i had on PC.

    white is only in Basic dyes unfortunately and not much actually takes the pure white well

    Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 5.13.46 PM.png

    That’s Merv’s colors. If you don’t want rented colors and prefer ‘normal’ permanent ones, you can’t get pure white or pure black.

    Renting dye colors is such BS. I prefer to have my dyes permanent but that’s a rng game with limited colors.

  7. Same with black. No pure black.

    The dye system outside of Mervs is a ripoff. It’s a slot machine of 1 or 3 dyes in a hue of a certain color. No guarantees of a color. Complete rng.

    On top of that, the color you get can apply to the clothing piece and show a complexly different color. This is because of the texture of the gear piece. I have so many ‘white’ dyes that come from the pink family of rng colors. I don’t want oink, but i know it can roll a really blinding white. 

  8. So tonight’s stream let viewers provide feedback which was said is ‘all going to be looked at’ regardless if it was acknowledged on stream. Great...

    The first topic was Class Discussion and specifically Class Balance.

    But I don’t get it. Are we going to get a different class balance than what is on PC? 

    PA already knows how classes are behaving and what the balance areas need to be. Shouldn’t we already have most of the class balance as soon as the classes release? They have been on PC for years, already balanced.

    Are we balancing classes differently just for the Xbox version because of the controller combat?

  9. 16 hours ago, Cause said:

    Ok I found another weird thing. I didnt have the quest. Went to florin and it appeared. Went to heidel and it disappeared. Then again to florin and it was there again.

    For my Wizard, I see no DIM secondary dagger upgrade quests in Florin.

    Just the Easter events that all classes see. These send you to Florin.

  10. 18 minutes ago, Orisha said:

    @[CM]Shirnaall I ask is a field boss timer In game , kzarka  has it on the website  why not dim tree or any other boss ?  most people got a full time job here and we cant be online 24/7 waiting for the boss to spawn. PA did good by changing the kzarka spawn time ,now I can do kzarka once a day for that 0.000001% drop chance and my beautiful hunter seal #cantlivewithoutit , why not do the same with the rest of the bosses , not changing the time but only telling player when to be ready. 

    This was exactly why I posted my first thread. Quality of Life features that are simple to implement and can help the Xbox player be more productive with their gameplay. 

    But for some reason, the thought is a blinking Field Boss for 30 minutes max on the map (or however long he is alive) ‘may’ be annoying. Oh really? Like the god awful design of the Market Place spam or constant local spam that still can’t be turned off?

    - ‘Item price has increased for x to y’,

    - ‘You entered a combat zone’,

    - ‘You entered a Safe Zone’

    - ‘Worker updates spamming constantly’

    Or how about Fishing? Want to talk annoying. Why do we need a wall of text each time we cast. We know how to fish after the first 3 casts.

    So ‘annoying’ exists everywhere in this UI. I don’t think adding a already existing mechanic of blinking identifiers for Field Bosses is too much to ask. It’s the map, not up all the time.


    As for a timer, it’s actually a work load reducer for GMs and CMs, no more having to post new time after new time(little confusing huh?)  in a News update. Just post, “Boss timers have been updated on the map.”



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  11. 32 minutes ago, [CM]Shirna said:

    Those blinking lights are specific for the player, it shows their quests. I may not be at all interested in taking on the Field Bosses, and a glowy circle that shows up on a random location of the map without a quest being active MAY be annoying. 

    That X% could be people currently going through quests, low level players who will not be up to the challenge, folks just doing their daily stuff and yes, lifeskillers. There are people right now who are not particularly fussed about going all in for Field Boss gear. 

    Thanks for clarifying.

  12. Hey @[CM]Shirna, you stated the following in a General (suggestion) thread I had and I had a question...

    For context, this was a suggestion I had on making Field Bosses more identifiable when they spawn. I simply asked for a identifying beacon or blinking ring around the active boss. And, yes...lot’s of back and forth trying to defend my position. You responded...

    As for the idea, sounds great for the people that are trying to do them, but what about those who do not? Those who are not ready for them? Those who might get there late? There are people out there who have no interest in field bosses, and adding giant glowing things to the world is a bit much for something that X% of the player base are interested in.

    I will however put it forward


    My question is, do you play this game much? I know the work schedule is swamped for you guys, but a few things probably should be known for someone who plays the game for some time.

    - You already have blinking, visual rings all over the map for active quest objectives. So ‘adding giant glowing things’  for active field bosses sn’t really a new game mechanic, it exists.


    - Also, Field Bosses is a major patch feature for players to continue to progress their gear right? Somehow you believe that very little players care about Field Bosses “for something that X% of the player base are interested in”. I guess life skill players wouldn’t care is what you are saying?

    - My suggestion asks to add blinking identifiers or beacons to Field Bosses when they become active. So that blinking only stays up for what? 15-30 minutes? It identifies what Field Boss is active, thats all. Makes no difference if someone is late, not relevant.


    Being defensive about my suggestion? Feels more like I needed to continue to clarify a feature that was already in the game. 

    Respond, Lock the post, delete it. Don’t care. Just wanted to be clear on what you are saying.

  13. 3 hours ago, Force said:

    Sorry too tired to read all comments if this has been answered already. If you have done all the required quests the dim magical off hand quest will appear after maintenance. I have done 6-8 characters and none of those got the quest at start. At first I was lost and tried to google it million times but after maintenance  I got the quest. Atm waiting the weapon for my striker and waiting maintenance.

    There is no mention that this is getting fixed for this maintenance.

    I doubt it will get fixed since this seems to be an issue that exists on PC for some time. 

  14. 1 hour ago, TREYWAY said:

    Are you intoxicated?

    Care to elaborate on such an insightful comment?

    As far as upcoming leaderboards...and currently profit...Fishing is useless and holds no respect. It’s a total AFK activity and you can’t prove you DON’T AFK fish.

  15. 8 hours ago, Tr3nch said:

    I don't afk until I sleep. I active fish 90% of my playing time. I don't know what you are talking about.

    That’s the problem with AFK fishing. If you want people to respect a Fishing title for its effort or achievement, you can’t in this game. Because anyone can look at Fishing titles or achievements and say ‘real hard, afk fish is no effort’.

    And I think many players want their lifeskill leaderboards to see where they rank.Yet  Fishing has no merit in bdo ....and i love fishing in mmos and rpgs

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  16. 7 hours ago, Tr3nch said:

    Not true. I was getting those same prices selling to the regular Trade Manager on pc. I have been catching Coelancanths for several days now and they are only worth (base price) of 75k on Xbox. Base price on PC is like 200k on non-imperial traders. The silver for fishing is incredibly low right now on xbox.

    Well...they already tweaked it..

    The Otters are ravenous, and trade managers are struggling to keep up with the demand of fish. To try and poach fish from their competitors, Trade Managers will no longer apply any disadvantages for unconnected nodes. This means you get more money for your fish when going for distance bonuses! 

  17. 33 minutes ago, Jammer480 said:

    Why the heck won't this game auto-run my character to the boss location and auto-fight for me and then immediately auto-return me to my afk fishing after auto-feeding my workers?

    Blown way out of proportion. I never asked for anything but a simple ping on the map when the Field Boss spawns...nothing more. The feature already exists in game for quests that flash the location of mobs you are supposed to kill.

    Why are people here so toxic? It was a simple rant and some back and forth. Yet, most of you PC players just can’t be bothered with touching their precious game...unless it’s something that hasn’t been released yet thats on PC. Oh then, you whine and bitch...yet are so dumb you don’t realize you could just play on PC.

  18. 27 minutes ago, Dart said:

    This kid whines more than anyone, I'd love to hear him in a party chat. 

    Comical. If you actually looked at some of my posts, you would see some references I made to games I played that were around before you were born.

    Dart....as in Dart Board? Lawn Darts? Those were always fun...

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