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  1. If you followed the questline of the Black Spirit and the Main Story, you should be getting decent gear that will help you with your AP and DP. Look over this updated reference, you should be shooting for Asulas accessories and your Abysmal weapon, DIM secondary. Armor of your choice enhanced to +15 min each slot. This should out you at around 150 ap 180 dp Link https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-gear-progression-guide.html
  2. WoW bans AFKers in BGs and any activity that a player has to normally PLAY to gain lvls in game. Any team based activity where one individual is AFKing can be reported and banned for repeatedly AFKing in every mmo i’ve played. In BDO it’s encouraged to AFK life skills, the only real PvE the game has. Try explaining that to potential new customers.
  3. Well, to be honest, the AFK systems should never have come over from PC. As the OP implied, - The workers could do all their tasks offline until they ran out of stamina. - Fishing should never be AFK, trivializes any titles or achievements - Earn training your own fitness - Earn training your horses etc. I refuse to do any AFK tasks, as I prefer not to test the longevity of my Xbox’s, and I play games to earn my accolades, not AFK them. And let’s be honest, all the MMOs i’ve played ban AFKers...so there’s that.
  4. Ignored. Post on ur main account banana and stop circumventing the Ignore system.
  5. Wow, just wow. If you read what i suggested instead of piggy-backing off everyone’s WROMG answer, you would get it. - When the Field Boss spawns, depending on which of the four, simply ping them on the map. The system can ping them on the map just like the system does for quest objectives, just like it highlights areas with blinking area overlays for mob locations. - The player only has to open the map and would see the flashing area. And why are you all puffed up about it? Seems like you are an ALT account (low posts, zero cred) trying to regain my attention. You type just like a idiot i have on my ignore list. So, guess what, ignored.
  6. Toxic forum goes with Toxic chat. All your captain obvious instructions still didn’t solve my simple request. Forget it. I’m pretty much done with posting on this PC forum. You got PC players that whine about life skills and it’s fine, cater to the PC veterans who have their own fukin platform yet want to bitch about and change the console game. Yet, asking for a console QoL feature to simply map ping the Field Boss when they go live, which would help new console players, gets ripped apart. Yea...fuk this...
  7. Relax there PvP pleb. Go find someone to gank. If adding a beacon to show the active boss is too much to ask, PC players can continue to answer questions in this unintuitive game... There already is a beacon system and a flashing mechanic on the map for quests...seems pretty fin easy to add something for Field Bosses.
  8. Totally missing the point. Adding a Map beacon for active Field Bosses is hand holding? It’s called smart game design with better QOL features. Something this game has a long way to go with.
  9. Thanks, you just perfectly described how user unfriendly this game is for new customers on Xbox. - Look up some PC timer on some website, look at your timezone for the right timer on said website, hope that works for the Xbox version, then be on the right server, hope you notice the 3 second message and that it doesn’t get overlapped by other spam, then try and remember which field boss is where based on a map with no ‘active’ boss indicator. Sounds so intuitive.
  10. Doesn’t show you active bosses, so yea...not helpful. Err...no one knows anything but toxic orange. 😎
  11. So the new Field Bosses, Can you make it a little harder to let players know they spawned and where? - I happen to be on a server where a world boss spawned. How I know? Cause I saw a 3 second ‘alert’ message pop up saying some imps forming at imp alter...and this does’’t even show in chat. ok...so... - Where the hell is Imp Alter...i know of like 5 of them. Oh, go look at the News article? Sure...let’s make it even more user unfriendly. - How about you mark active world bosses on the map? Blinking red, or a location beacon. It seems pretty clear to me that PA doesn’t understand how to market their game for the Xbox console crowd. PA is still in a mindset for PC and continues to release content that may be what starving PC players want, but probably could be overwhelming new console players. Just saying, some extra effort in-game may help keep some new Xbox players sticking with the game. I know alor about the game, but still find myself googling 2016 crap on this game because the in-game resources are non-existant.
  12. Dude...you like the team mascot? This is the third post on this meaningless bs. You honestly think 90% of the ppl that come to these forums give a ****? Keep it to one post if that.
  13. In before those wondering what laws... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loot_box#China
  14. Oh...get me started.. Ya know what...i won’t bother listing out how unethical this Pearl Shop is. Let’s just say, you know how there is this huge uproar about Loot Boxes in other games and how certain countries are considering them pure gambling? Well..has anyone really looked at this Pearl Shop and it’s ‘sales’? There are RNG items on the Pearl Shop where the buyer doesn’t know exactly what they will get. There are items that can be bought then melted or breed then used in RNG in the game that results in potential complete failure which ends up you losing the item entirely. I can go on.. Somewhere something is...not right..
  15. Oh...thanks for going the next step. I think if @[CM]Shirna actually submitted this as a bug to devs, this would be a issue the devs would be fixing for all of BD. Cause it seems this issue still exists on PC, and by the looks of the GM threads over on PC. EDIT: Thread related to this with replacement if the player deleted the DIM LINK
  16. Tried this. Summoned the Black Spirit in Calpheon and he came up with three quests> Necklace, Ring, and Earring of Magical Power. I accepted the Necklace of Magical Power in Calpheon and then Forfeited the quest. Summoned the Black Spirit again and he had the same quest for the Necklace of Magical Power. He did not give me a quest to go pver to the Tree Spirit lady in Long Leaf sentry post. It was worth a shot.
  17. No...think we narrowed it down to Wizards. Damn it Gandalf!
  18. I’m more interested in the ‘pvp guild fell apart’. Why you think that happened?
  19. No, no man. I thank you for giving me some direction. I’m gonna give it a try as soon as i can.
  20. Yea, i was gonna say...Bnews hands out bumper stickers that say ‘PvP is Life’ This troll account smells like Deathz Angel
  21. Oh...I constantly am spammed with this necklace quest. But If I remember right, i abandon it, the ghost send me back to that butt shaking Goblin? I will try your steps and hope i get sent to the tree lady.
  22. If I understand ur question... Go to the Ring Menu settings. The Resize Screen option is there. Yiu have to add the ‘item’ to the ring menu then you can resize.
  23. Probably some old PC exploit that made it’s way in to console since we are behind PC releases. Parked ALT, AFK Stand in this magic spot and never miss, and never get hit. Rub the magic RNG rock and poof...
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