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  1. 47 minutes ago, Yiazzy said:

    Are you mentally impaired? I know full well that I have to wait less than 3 minutes to get a catch....and then it casts again. 

    I afk fish when I go to the shops, or have a bath, dinner etc etc.... 

    So, unless someone stalks me from a safe zone to my fishing spots, and kills me within 30 seconds of me casting that line, yes, I'm gonna have fish. And let's face it, no-one is that sad, nor unfortunately are they that organised. 

    *New. Yiazzy is my Gamertag too, check my profile. Know that I have a PS4 as well. Same PSN name. Check if you like, I've almost certainly been playing games since before you were born. 

    Love how you missed the "Knew to gaming" 🙄

    Dude...in one day, you are buring yourself with this small bunch of forum peeps. But please...proceed.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Bnews757 said:

    Do you actually afk while staring at the xbox haha. You know afk usually means you will be away from keyboard for a while. So means you planned to have fish once you get done doing whatever but if you die that cant be completed. You must be knew the gaming sigh.

    Psst...fixed it for you. Carry on...🙂

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  3. 1 hour ago, Hulkksmash said:

    Tbh ... i havent got any the last couple days. Seems odd to not even get one when i fish overnight afk. Or grind elric all weekend and not see one. I suspect its broke 

    Event Period
    3/13 after maintenance ~ 4/3 before maintenance

    Does anyone read the main websites News page? I mean, the GMs put a lot of good content there. I have to give them that.

  4. Rewards
    *During the April 17th maintenance, the following rewards will be distributed and the raffle winners will be announced.
    - 300 Pirate's Rum- 100G Gold bar plus an [Event] Pirate Flag. 
    - 500 Pirate's Rum- All users who get 500 Rum will receive the [Event] Pirate Bandana and 20 lucky winners will receive a 7-day value pack
    - 1000 Pirate's Rum- All users who get 1000 Rum will receive the [Event] Pirate Eye Patch and 10 lucky winners will receive a Brown Guide Hawk Pet (T1)


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  5. 7 minutes ago, Yiazzy said:

    Yet I believe you can report those players to PA, who will no doubt pass along those reports to MS. 

    Have some faith in the world every once in a while. If I, a very bitter cynic can, I'm sure you can. 

    You just bought this game huh? LoL

    Have you seen the Chat complaint threads? No action by GMs or PA other than they are adding a chat filter to avoid the issue.

    PA could have simply followed the MS guidelines for implementing proper avatar naming and they could have avoided all the hassle of trying to manage it themselves.

  6. 23 minutes ago, Yiazzy said:

     Gt secrecy is for privacy purposes. No-one wants their XBL messages filling up with trash talking pk-ers now, am I right? .

    Actually, that’s completely wrong. You want Gamertags exposed like Sea of Thieves, ESO, COD, Destiny...lord, i can go on and on.

    This is because you can then report them properly to Microsoft and have them issue account bans. MS has went to great lengths to out in tools that allow players to report others.

    This game didn’t follow the basic MS guidelines and is now seeing the results.

    - Game chat is a dumpster fire at a gas station.

    - Players can freely harass others in game with little worry.

    I don’t envy the GMs jobs going forward trying to regulate this game.

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  7. 1 hour ago, lancia12 said:

    Seriously, what is the point?  It's always the same...some high level, high geared, d-bag preys on new 50s in grinding locations, waits for when you are grinding 20 guys and attacks you from behind.  1/2 health in .5 seconds.  I don't even really understand the rules even though I've read them countless times.  Sometimes I think I lose crystals and xp and other times I lose nothing.  Meanwhile, the attacker gains ZERO and only has something to lose (albeit minor).  Now, losing crystals is no big deal and while I don't just kill people, I've read that gaining back lost karma is no big deal as well.  So there is nothing to gain, nothing to lose so is it just there to satisfy the desire to grief someone?  I just don't get it.

    I get node wars, guild wars, etc.  That is more or less consensual and there is something to gain/lose over it.  But just allowing griefing for the sake of griefing seems stupid to me.

    Let’s be honest here. OP think about other games you playyed  that had PvP.

    Isn’t this game the most carebear PvP you’ve seen in a game that advertises it’s end game as PvP. 

    - The PvP has no risks other than some weak Karma system easily mitigated by grinding monsters(shocker)

    - The PvP combat is nothing more than grabs and stunlocks along with a giant mess of screen particles.

    - The battlefields are comical. Were these test areas that just ended up slipping into the game?

    - The node (n conquest) wars and guild wars are Guild only in what is really a solo based MMO. Where did that make sense? ‘Be your true self’ unless you want to PvP...then join a serious war guild that requires a gear score 

    So just take a breath and realize, this MMOs PvP doesn’t hold a candle to WoW or ESO. Sure the combat in BDO is cool, but in pvp...it”s nothing but grab>stunlock>mess visual effects. Just laugh it off, cause it ain’t all that.

  8. 14 minutes ago, Nightingale said:

    This comment made my day.


    I mean I'd totally do it, anyone here on NA that takes 1 step out into a safe zone 50+ and i knew them I'd blow them up in a heart beat just for fun. 

    Puh, the king White Knight arrives.

    Well genius, good luck trying to find me when this game doesn’t expose Gamertags for some idiotic reason.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Yiazzy said:

    Other people have already shot down your moronic argument and agreed with me! I see nobody agreeing with you. 

    Classic god complex case here people, I recommend ignoring the fool until he shuts up. 

    Lmao...dude, are you drunk? Why are tou talking like i give a ****. 

    You literally just posted ‘ Way to ignore my points i made against you’ and i pointed out we had 2 pages of back and forth. Yet now you say ‘ I recommend ignoring the fool until he shuts up’

    Fukin pick one you dumb ****.


    3 minutes ago, Yiazzy said:

    Way to ignore the points I made against you. You've been made to look a fool, though clearly you need absolutely no help doing so. 

    (and here the comes the, "I ignored your points because they're stupid, hurr dur" reply) 

    I replied to everyone of your posts, we all can see that and you continued to backtrack from saying ‘not NEEDing’ the Pearl Shop  to actually telling us you spent over $130 in the Pearl Shop. 

    Either you are completely ignorant, or you now have an agenda to try and come out on top by continuing  to post foolish responses.

  11. It took two days for them to respond without actually looking into the issue, and closed the ticket.

    For my case, DIM weapon, no upgrade quests, I copied the response in the original ticket and submitted a new one asking them for details.

    And now I wait again...

  12. There needs to be an up-to-date events page IN GAME.

    Kzarka, Hot Stuff, GM Events...etc etc

    Add a events page that we can look at when we login. Hell, you made the ridiculous Rewards Calendar that slams up on our screen in mid-combat...maybe you can work on a static events page.


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  13. So I encountered some no-lifes on M-2 this morning that were hell-bent on killing anyone AFK running their characters along the roads to Tarif.


    - You are tanking your Karma

    - You gain zero, lose alot

    - You don’t get a competitive fight. You actually get no fight on AFK runners.


    You actually look like someone who can’t actually handle real PvP. There is another word for it, but i’ll leave it out of the forum.

    Not sure what’s become of real PvP...


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  14. If you own a Value Pack, you can move along, everything is good.

    If you do not have a Value Pack, the prices shown when SELLING items is the Value Pack price, not the payout you will receive.


     As you know, you get this warning when selling items without a Value Pack



    But the next screen is NOT SHOWING the correct payout you will recieve. It should show the payout amount -30% to clearly let you know what you will recieve.



    In the example, I received around 171,000 (fees and less 30%).


    I thought the prices shown are what you should get minus fees, and the 30% bonus would be on top of the shown sellout price if I had an active Value Pack. Not the case.

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